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HELP!!! lost key

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  • HELP!!! lost key

    Guys I lost my ignition key.... I found a locksmith that told me he will charge me $55 to make me 2 new keys if I bring the ignition to him. Thats over a 100 dollars cheaper then any other alternative ive found. The thing is Im having a problem taking the ignition out because of these two bolts holding it in. Does anyone know the name of the tool or the name of the bolts to I can go to auto zone or something to take them out?!

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    You could just tow the whole bike to him that would work get a friend with a truck instead of taking a chance on breaking something and having to replace it


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      dont know anyone with a truck


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        rent a truck from home depot or lowe's it is like $20 alot cheaper than pulling it out and breaking something


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          In my experience, home dept + lowes do not let you rent a truck unless you buy something from them that necessitates a truck rental... like plywood or planks. I called around to all of them in the area last year before i picked up my bike.

          UHall has small motorcycle trailers for rent for like $40.

          Im in the same boat here too. Just realized i lost my key also. I think i threw it away in some junky pants I was working on my car in this past weekend. How hard could it be to get the torx bit and remove the ignition for the locksmith?

          This is the tool I think from another post i read on here right? T40 Tamper resist

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            f150 rental at uhaul should be $20 per day with like $.50 cent/mile surcharge.

            but i'd scrap all that and look on ebay. I had a link in my favorites for a new iginition lock for the pre98 kat that was only $30, i'd look at other options.

            Plus he will make a key that works, not what it should be. Been there done that with a four wheeler.

            I know you probably have heard it again, but keep spares. I keep 2 spares at my house, and then 1 at my parents.

            See you got some options:





            full set

            full set


            *****Also fill out your garage, cannot help if we don't know what kind of bike you have.
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              easy on the truck rental. its a torx wrench you may need, home depot or an auto chain should have em, they're fairly common, kinda like a allen key but star shaped.
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