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  • Chain Problems

    Hi everyone, ive been fixing up my 98 750 katana and ive ran into a chain problem. I tried to tighten the chain back up, but it is as far back as it can go. How do i go about fixing this problem? The chain has way too much slack in it as it is now. Thanks alot for your help.

    99 750

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    Your chain is at the end of its life. Time for a new one.
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      I suppose it is possible that someone replaced the chain with one that was a link too long, but probably not the case. How many miles are on the bike?? Does the front sprocket have a rubber piece on it in the center?
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        The bike only has 5000 or so miles on it. Im not sure about the rubber piece i will have to check tommorrow when i get home. Is it possible to take one link out of the chain or is it a must to buy a new one? If i do need a new one is there a better chain or are they all the same? Thanks

        99 750


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          Hmm... only 5000 miles. That is a little soon to be worn out. The reason I asked to check the front sprocket was because the OEM sprocket will have an attached rubber piece. The proper procedure when putting on a new chain is to change the sprockets too. If the chain has been replaced it is likely that the front sprocket will be an aftermarket one. Not always, but just another clue as to what is going on.

          For chains you will want a quality O-ring chain and a non clip master link. Yes, if you install the master link in the right direction you should be fine, but don't risk it. If you don't have the proper chain tool, slip in a clip master link and ride it to a shop. It will either be free or pretty cheap for them to install your rivet link.
          -2000 "750"


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            Oh ok, well the bike isnt on the road yet, so i will prolly end up calling one of my bike buddies to come down and help me put on a half descent chain. Thanks alot for your help everyone.

            99 750


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              From CyberPoet's Understanding Motorcycle Chain Wear And Maintenance Webpage:

              If you can pull the chain even 1/2mm away from the rear sprocket (the picture is grossly exaggerated for visibility), then the chain & sprockets are toast.

              Read that webpage and your next chain should last you 25k instead

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