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great news 1/5 throttle inserts are here

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  • great news 1/5 throttle inserts are here

    got the relpey iv ben looking for ..check this out ..get moving faster bang for the buck htt:// GREAT DEAL WOT FAST for the katana post
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      I've never felt a need for one in my street use. Is this something alot of track riders find useful?

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        i would have no use for this... even at the drag strip...idk maybe its just me, but i dont like the idea
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          Rolling that throttle is half the fun! Why take it away?
          Let's go riding!


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            come guys ,..the kat is the slowest -600 made with a pipe they sound fine and hardy with this my 600 will be a bit better on the respone , it should open up like a kat over a fence . this might be better then getting into the carbs . bone stock other wise


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              or you could have the problems that so many people have with CV carbs and why they go with a race carb...
              The hand motion is/butterfly action is to fast and faster then the vacuum slides can react/operate and the bike actually hesitates and costs you HP.
              thats why the tell you you need to use smoother throttle control...

              sorry bro they are a gimmick
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                Has anyone tried this? I know the track bikes usually use at least a 1/4 ratio. If I had already done more to my bike it would be something I would try.


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                  I would imagine that they would be the bee's knees for anybody with a wrist injury or who finds their wrist rotation uncomfortable at their typical cruising speed... Other than that, I don't see a lot of benefit here -- more rotational movement = easier time with fine throttle control, esp. on a road-bike with CV carbs...

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                    I've thought about this 100 times but never actually thought about changing it. Great thread.


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                      im getting one, i know on my three svs i have put r6 throttle tubes which are a 1/4 turn less so your wrist doesnt hurt on touring and a little more responce of the line. package that with a crampbuster and your good.

                      price i may also be intrested in clear clutch cover for a 2nd gen svs if your able to, i know many have tried with issues of oil filler neck location
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                        It's all a gimmick. You can think it improves throttle response if you want.

                        And btw, a few minutes and some zipties will get you the same thing for under $10. 90% of people I know that have put a qucik turn throttle on have taken it back off as it is not precise enough for street use.
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                        but personaly I dont see a point in a 1000 you can get the same power from a properly tuned 600 with less weight and better handeling.


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                          how can i do it with zip ties? is it pretty much just a spacer there selling that arouond stock throttle tube? If so then i guess ya you could easly make it your self, youd just have to adjust throttle cables to fit over the spacer.