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i love the bike ssooooo much but its never done...

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  • i love the bike ssooooo much but its never done...

    so i finall mounted and balanced the new tires all at home and it rode so nice i couldnt have been happier. i used it to and from work no problems picked up my girl after work and went to shift to second when rpm's jumped up i heard a lot of grinding and the bike tryed to throw us. i kept it under control got it to the side of the road were i saw it. son of a b#$@!. the chain tensioner gave way and pulled into the swing arm cocked the tire sideways and locked up the brakes. i ordered the new chain tentioner aqnd im having my father at work fabricate thicker back plates to the tentioner that overlap to try an eliminate this from happening again. so the question i have that everyone so far has said no way to is has anyone heard or experienced anything like that before?????

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    Was chain to tight?
    added load of passenger makes it even tighter !!!
    Everything torqued to spec?
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      whats the suggestion on how to tell cause im pretty 100% possitive thats what happened when i tightened it all up my father whos been riding a 81 gs850 for over 20 years said about an inch of play checked it out and said it looked about rite but obviously wasnt as rite as he thought so before i break something or get hurt i would love to hear opinions and thank god it happened on the side streat from my house and not at 85 0n the highway


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        very lucky the rear wheel didnt lock up !!

        not understanding how the tensioner could fail on top of the axle tightly in place
        would really like to see a photo

        are you sure the axle was torqued and the cotter pin in place ??

        check online service manual for directions on chain tensioning and see what you did diferent
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        Blood , its in you to give!


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          Search the forums for Bandit chain tensioner, some ppl here have upgraded to them and seems to work great.

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            With a bike that has been previously owned, you never really know what all your getting, or what all it has been through.

            I wish I could say that is the last suprise you will get, but it probably isn't. Don't let it get to you, and remember even new vehichles break down sometimes. If it moves, it's probably gonna break at some point.

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              same thing happend to my buddy on his gs500. he was doing wheelies or tryin when the tensener pulled threw his swingarm hands down funniest thing i have ever seen.


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                Bikes are never done. There will always be something else that you want to do to it.
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                  Originally posted by Zepp View Post
                  Bikes are never done. There will always be something else that you want to do to it.


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                    It sounds like your rear axel was not tightened up enough.