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windscreens -go big

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  • windscreens -go big

    which screen is taller , zero gravity - sport touring or -sr ,or doublebubble

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    The dimensions should be on their site...
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      Doubble Bubble not available so says Zero Gravity's web site. Only Sport Touring and SR wind screens.

      However, no deminsions are given even though the SR looks to be an OEM replacement.

      If you realy want to go big, go with Eagle Screens out of Australia.

      Let me see if I can find my post and pics that went with it from a few months ago.

      OK, I found it. Scroll down a bit.
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        the sport touring screen is bigger. the SR is the same dimensions as stock. the Sport touring is much taller. and double bubble is not available for the kat
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          No DB for Kats? That sucks, if they have them for the Ninja 500 you could order that and cut it like the stocker. The ST is taller, but double bubbles are sick. They like to fade dashes though.
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            well the MRA SPOILIER screan looks to be cool and the extra wind block im looking for . im 6"6 -240 so i will price it out ... its just over 75-80 i get down on the tank to get out of the wind....thanks guys


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              No DB for Kats? That sucks
              yeah, i'd say it's cause the kat's dont really have the proper screen shape for a double bubble. it's not really a sporty windscreen, and having a double bubble would look really weird in my opinion. it's too upright, and the shape is odd
              2004 Katana
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