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  • Priceless

    7 hours, 35 minutes driving around for parts... 1.50 in gas

    6 speed nuts, 2.69 (O'malley's marget)
    pack of 8 screws, nylon fastners, 3.00 (autozone)
    pack of 6 bolts, black 7.50 (WestLake Ace Hardware)
    6 washers, silver, and a can of black spray paint -9.50 (Home Depot)

    Riding for the first time without one single, itty bitty, tiny rattle or vibration?....


    Note:Some duct tape (black) was used as a buffer.

    Backstory: The previous owners of my bike had the fairing on and off a lot, so they kept minimum bolts on it for time... then lost them. So I've been running around with about 1/3rd of the fairing bolts. I still have a LOT more to go, like the bolts that hold the battery holder, two that hold the front fender on, two that hold the bottom part of the instrument pannel... and some washers that go under the seat. What a freaking nightmare. I also put some arm into cleaning my tires and found out that they are actually silver. The previous owners of this thing were freaking crack heads, apparently. (Read some previous posts for more info on that)

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    Hey it's about 10 times easier to clean up the wheels when you pull them off. Then you cn get the swing arm and forks too!!


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      Good luck with all that, sounds like mess. It does feel good to finally accomplish something that you just know you need to do.
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        Hey, while I'm at it... I noticed just how bad my right fairing was damaged, it most definately needs to be replaced. If anyone sees one on ebay or has one for sale, please be sure to let me know.

        2000 600F, in case you need to know.


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          hey described my bike, and i ain't no crackhead

          seriously, i can't wait for the day to come when my bike is back together....just for that reason. of course it is going to be cool that will spank 99% of the bikes on the street, but the tightness and feel of a "new" bike is what I am anxious for. i stripped mine to the last bolt....even the engine had to be put together. after 12 years of use, it was (is....have to buy ALL new) missing alot of nuts and bolts as well.

          keep it will be worth it when you are done.
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            Keith I believe is bringing some extra plastics down to the rally, so Im sure he has some more laying around as well that he might be able to sell ya.


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              awesome, thanks. Yeah, my current fairing is missing the upper mounting bolt, along with a crack about three inches long going down, an 8 inch crack right below the turn signal, a one inch by 3 inch crack on the top of that little bar between the two wholes, and a whole lota rash. *shudder*


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                I use foam-tape (the type used for A/C seals and door seals) where the fairings sit against the frame (such as the rear fairings just under the lower front lip of the seat). Cuts down a ton of vibration and keeps the plastics from rubbing on the frame...

                Sounds like you did well

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                  Cool man, i'm glad you fixed that.
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