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oil under ignition cover

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  • oil under ignition cover

    there isnt supposed to be any, right? there must be a little leak on the threads of my sender, easily fixed, but are any of the components going to be damaged by the oil?
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    Not to rant, but wow - I'm starting to think this question gets asked more than "CAN MY KAT WhEeLiE?!"

    Anyway, to answer your question, a small amount of oil coming out of this cover is perfectly OK/normal. Any more than, say, a teaspoon-full or so would be an issue. Do a search for more info if you'd like ^_^
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      true, if you take off the oil sending unit, you'll notice a small groove, looks like its not supposed to be there but yea, it comes with the kat so oil is perfectly fine, just not in excess
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