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need a new battery

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  • need a new battery

    Well ive been jump starting my bike for about 2 weeks now and finaly made it to autozone to test my battery which will start after runing but not after sitting for even 1 day so they tested it and it was bad. so im in the market for a new battery but never had to shop for a motorcycle batt before. so whats the best brand money can buy and what are you guys using. price dosnt matter i want something that has good reliabiltiy right now i have a walmart jober in there and refuse to go that rout again im thinkin oem unless i hear otherwise or there is something better. Its for a 96 kat 600.

    o yea links are also helpful if you know any good reputable sites
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    My stealership sold me one of the knock-offs that was 1/2 the price of an OEM...they told me there really wasn't much of a difference that they had seen....but it was one where they had to add the acid from a big drum, or so they said. I think the walmart ones come pre-filled.

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      the walmart ones do not come prefille, u gotta fill it urself but they do give u all the acid


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        read the directions on these dry charged batteries
        they usually want you to soak and charge for several hours after installing acid
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          is yuasa the oem brand for the 96 kat?


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            ^ that's what the dealership told me!


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              I get mine from JC Whitney , and they work fine .Just get you a battery and don't worry too much about it . I mean , my charging systems runs HIGH (like 15+ volts) , and I often have to add water ( found THAT out on my first Gap trip when the bike wouldn't start . Dry battery ) , but my batteries last long enough .
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                yea the wal mart batteries you have to add the acid, let it sit for about a half an hour, then charge for 2-4 hours depending on what amperage charger you have
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                  I just had to buy a battery for the first time. After numerous searches and posts on here regarding this issue I decided on the YUASA. They are little spendy, but I found mine at which was the cheapest I found anywhere. Got it with shipping for $72. I talked to a guy at allied battery about inexpensive batteries and he said they aren't worth it. I can't remember the wording he used, but something that talked about the walmart type batteries using quality battery makers "leftovers." Allied Battery said they said those battery manufacturers the stuff they won't or don't use. If you end up buying from the above store just make sure it comes with the acid pack. you will need to fill it, but after filling mine it only took about an hour to fully charge. Hope this helps.


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                    I get mine for a local chain saw dealership. They just measure it and make a few notes and I get a new battery within 1 week for $30.