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looking for some advise on paint and colors

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  • looking for some advise on paint and colors

    ok so i got a 98 kat 600 i removed the emblems and all stiker so its just red with grey lower cowl. i want to paint the front fender lower cowl and some of the tail in either gloss or matte black, i have graduated from a auto body tech school so painting is no issue but i was wondering if any one has sceam this kind of paint scheme before and how it would look? if you know wher there is a pic of it plez post or hit me with your ideas thanx!

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    Not exact, but here is a start... it's oversized, so I'll just link it.

    93 750 Kat

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      ok i like the cowl thanx!


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        That red is poppin!! That thing is clean!
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          Just goes to show we are all different. I didn't like the blackish bottom, so I painted it red to match the rest!
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            you are the one who has to live with it.