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lookin for a windscreeen

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  • lookin for a windscreeen

    i finally have just about finished my bike. alls i need no is a windsheil and a headlight for my 92 kat. if any one has any please let me know or direct me to where i can get some....thanks guys

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    hey I got a couple places for ya has a great selection for a bunch of different ones is one of my all time favorites

    But seeing as you have a 92 kat you minght benefit from the Zero Gravity outlet store they have on ebay. Just search zero gravity on ebay and you'll find the outlet store (or 2nd factory store). It's a store that sells windscreens that have very slight defects OR screens for bike models that aren't around (like old stock and what not) it's about half the price or the actual ZG store and is the exact same thing. It's what I used for my 99 Kat

    Or if you're on a budget look up T1Concept store on ebay aswell. really cheap screens from Hong Kong. I've never used them though so I don't know if their any good.

    hope that helped good luck
    1999 Katana 750