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Worth of bike???

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  • Worth of bike???

    Now I know the value you sell a bike for is arbitrary and a very hard thing to quantify so I thought I would turn here for your guys thoughts.

    I am seriously thinking of selling my 2000 GSX600F so that the wife might get her own bike. I know that outside of long distance 2 up rides that the kat will probably sit now that I have the SV1K.

    Now onto my bike. I will post some pics below but here are the details.

    Bike has:

    Custom Paint Job
    HID Lights
    LED Lights
    Gorilla alarm with 2 way pager
    D&D Exhaust
    Smoked windscreen
    Fender Eliminator

    In terms of operational side:
    New sprocket and chain last year
    Always fresh oil
    Front tire is 80%
    Rear tire is 75%
    New battery
    Bike has roughly 14000 miles

    There is a small tear in the seat along the bottom that could be easily repaired with new vinyl
    Small scratch on grab bar

    I was thinking of the 3K or 3500 range as I would want to be able to get a Ninja 250 for the Kat if at all possible.

    I dont think I could ask for more given the age and overall values but thought I would ask you guys. So please let me know what you guys woudl do....

    Oh and the helmet would be thrown in as well so that the new rider could match....

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    That price sounds very reasonable to me as long as the bike runs good with no transmission problems. It looks great, and obviously has been taken care of while you've had it. Between overall condition, and the money you put into the paint and exhaust (mainly that sweet paint job) I'd probably ask for $3600obo, to leave room for negotiation down to say $3,250.
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      I know for a fact that everything on the bike is running perfectly. It minght need a carb tuneup within the next year or so but for now runs great.

      Thanks Sprag for the response. I have my father in law who is interested in it and had mentioned 3500 or 3000 for it as he knows it will go towards his daughters bike.
      I am a Penn State fanatic.
      Why is the sky blue and white? God is a PSU fan...


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        That would be cool to be able to keep it in the family. To family I would probably let it go for $3,000. Anyone else at least $3,250 depending on their attitude lol.
        '05 GSXR750, '86 FZX700 Fazer, wifes bike '02 R6


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          Ask for $3700. and take $3500.


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            You just need to find someone willing to pay extra for the paint and lights. I'm 49 years old, so those mean nothing to me, sorry. I just bought my 1998 with only 5K miles for $1,600.00, but I had to clean the plugs, change the oil, and buy the paint for the right side fairing. The bike is now near mint and I have $1800.00 in it plus tax and title work taking it to $1900.00. I consider myself fortunate to have found this bike at this price. I have it for sale for $2750.00 and will not take less than $2500.00. With all that said, is your bike with alot more miles worth $1,000.00 more than mine???? Probably to someone that likes your paint and your lights, it is. I'd say the paint and lights are worth the extra grand, but then again, it does have nearly triple the miles mine has. And for what it's worth,,,,I priced my bike higher than I think anyone will pay, just because I really don't care to sell it.
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              A lot of it comes down to what other bikes are selling for in the area, and how many are for sale, what time of year it is etc. In some places like the small town where I live in OR, unless you want to travel several hundred miles to look at a used bike, you might only have 3 or 4 decent used sport or sport touring bikes available locally at any given time. Since there's not much available here, used bikes here seem to pull a more hefty price when they do go up for sale, than they would in a bike rich area like Portland, or down in So Cal. Now when it comes to 4x4 trucks everyone around here has one or more, so I can buy a decent used old 4x4 truck here for $1k-$2,500, then take it down to So Cal and sell it for twice what I paid for it almost any time.
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                It is a sweet looking bike, good luck
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                  I got my 1999 w/ 12k miles in worse condition and stock for 3000


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                    $3,000-$3,500 sounds just right. It will keep the lowballers away and the people who look at it will be the ones to appreciate all the work you've put into it. Don't sell your baby short!
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                    but personaly I dont see a point in a 1000 you can get the same power from a properly tuned 600 with less weight and better handeling.


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                      That's just such a nice looking bike. I'd ask even more for it, based on the custom paint alone. Like someone else said, you'll want to find someone who will pony up the dough for the custom stuff and tlc. I bet you could get 3800 out in Exton.

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                        Craigslist: Will trade for 05+ Ninja 500 for the wife. You move up, I move down.

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                          That Kat Of The Month should ADD at least a thousand to the price tag...
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                            i live in seattle and the kats go for around 2000 to 3000, typically. i like your bike and what you've done to it, but typically i wont pay more for a bike with mods compared to stock, unmolested is good for me. i wouldn't pay more than three for your bike. just trying to be honest (not a d!@k) because i honestly do like your bike, it looks cool the way the paint accents the katlines. just thought you were looking for an honest op.
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                              ask for $4000 obo, someone may surprise you.