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  • Motorcyclist Magazine Smart Money Section

    I breeze through my monthly copy of Motorcyclist. It's basically toilet reading - I can finish the entire magazine in the time it takes to take a dump.

    Anyway, I get to the Smart Money page - basically used bikes that are worth a hard look - and the showcased bike is the Yam YZF-R6S. Sharp bike, but a bit too hyper for my blood. Run down the Also Smark inset and they have the Honda CBR600F4i... makes sense. There's the Kawi ZZR600... an 06 for average retail of about $5K, sweet. Wait, what's that last bike???

    The 2004 Suzuki GSX-F600 Katana. For about $3,830.

    "Cheap, friendly and unassuming, the ubiquitous "Can-o-Tuna" was finally phased ot in favor of the relatively modern GSX600F. But frugal beginners everywhere can look beyond a lack of pure thrust and see a loyal, air/oil cooled 600cc companion."

    Note to editors of Motorcyclist: Good for you!
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    Nice find Jim. Enough to warm the darkest corners of my heart.


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      Yeah , that's the only mag I have a subscription to .
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        Ahh but Cycle World beat them to the punch months ago..
        Rating the Katana in the top 10 best used deals..


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          I remember the CycleWorld article and they stated the post 750 if memory serves me correctly
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            People are starting to respect us


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              Katana rocks, so does the f4i, and my now personal favorite the zzr 600. They all are good bikes for decent money.
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                all good recommendations...

                The Kat and the ZZR are my two personal faves...

                if i had to buy one again, it would probably be the Kawi, only because I loved that it has an intake that you can hear when you roll on the gas...

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                  Nice to see the bike getting recognized like that, however, the price is WAAAAY to high
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