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How many times have you dropped your bike?

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  • How many times have you dropped your bike?

    if i missed a previous thread, o well


    once while pulling out of a subdivision

    and once getting it off the centre stand

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    Harley twice in the driveway (gravel) moving about 2 mile an hour. Kat,none.
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      Dropped the Kat 4 times at 5mph or less....wrecked it once at 90mph.
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        2 times the first week I owned it. Haven't done it since.


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          0...knock on wood
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            Lets see the kat none yet. My last bike a 74 cb750 the first day I got it I laid it on my leg and burnt honda into my calf tring to back up in a gravel driveway.And the second I highsided it at 35mph.
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              Kat, never. Knock on wood.


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                Twice. Both in the driveway. That was probably within the first year of ownership. Nothing in the past 5 years.
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                  Twice.......once at the edge of my driveway going to work and we both landed on grass. (I had to get my neighbour to help me pick it up.... found out HE likes to sleep in the nude)....and another in a beach area ( Grand Bend) where I had to make an emergency stop after some kids walked in front of me and I couldn't get planted in time. (Thank God for full-face helmets as I was really embarrassed)....lost a mirror in that one.
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                    um three once in grass (no damage). once on the right side (minimal damage) and my dad dropped it on the left side the kick stand wasnt all the way down and hit the house(minimal damage)


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                      once the kick stand wasn't all the way down
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                        2X both under 5mph

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                          once... when i was riding it around the block when i didnt have the tag for it yet.. took a turn too quick... either wasnt leaning enough or i hit a slight bump.... just knicked the curb and most of the sliding was in the gras... luckily i had the fairings off .


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                            At least Pi times in my life

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                              Originally posted by The CyberPoet View Post

                              That makes sense, Cyber--dropping your bike is SUPPOSED to be irrational, isn't it?

                              I wish I could say "the natural logarithm of 1" but unfortunately, it's the cube root of 1 instead: it rolled off the side stand in neutral on a driveway I was sure was level. Now I park it in gear at all times (unless on the centre stand).
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