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Damned I hate this....

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  • Damned I hate this....

    I usually drive my Jeep to work until the weather co-operates, but this is something that I've been noticing quite a bit lately, and it's really starting to pizz me off. PEOPLE TEXTING WHILE THEY'RE DRIVING!!! I don't want to end up as someone's front bumper decal this summer.
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    They are talking about making it illegal here in PA. I certainly hope they do.

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      Illegal in Cali, but they still do it!
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        Illegal in Mexicali also, but they just don't give a darn!!
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          Illegal in Oz, but you see people texting and talking on the phone everywhere, weaving all over the road. Damn cagers.


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            Illegal in La....and I do it
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              I live up in a small town near edmonton, alberta and its like a bi-law up here. if you get caught doing it and the cop FEELS like going through the trouble to pull you over and write you up he can. so basically no one cares and i don't have enough fingers or toes to count how many people i see texting while they drive
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                Last week, I had to go to a client site first thing in the morning (morning rush hour, which I usually avoid). I decided to count how many people were using their cell phones in some sense (including text-messaging); after about a minute of that, I decided it would be much faster to count how many were NOT using theirs... By my estimates, over 70% of the 9-5'ers driving to work were on their cell phones in one sense or another.

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                  i text while i ride



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                    Texting is even more dangerous. It requires you taking your eyes off the road. A few months ago that is how a train wreck occured.
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                      I like to text people and see how long it takes them to answer when I KNOW they're on their way somewhere . If they text back IMMEDIATELY , I call them out on it and tell them they's 'tarded .
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                        Many people are completely oblivious to what is going on around them when they're on their cell phones
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                          I've counted the drivers as well and will agree that there's at least 2/3rds of them on the phone... I swear I'm gunna get a sticker for my helmet...

                          I like this one best...
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                            Originally posted by allblackkat View Post
                            I've counted the drivers as well and will agree that there's at least 2/3rds of them on the phone... I swear I'm gunna get a sticker for my helmet...

                            I like this one best...
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                              they are trying to ban it in maryland as well im pretty sure
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