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need some help on bike stands

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  • need some help on bike stands

    im thinking it will be easier to become familiar with the clutch if i could ride the bike in a stationary position to shift up and down through the gears to get more accustomed to the bike.

    are there any stands that would SAFELY allow this?

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    No, but there are always dynos.


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      I wouldnt trust riding on stands in a stationary position..yes they are stable for the most part, but they arent designed for it. If it slips off the stands and u r running thru the gears in ur garage, u'd could end up in a heap of trouble.


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        lol i guess so


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          The OEM center stand will work. Place the front wheel of the bike against a wall or pointed out at an open street, so if you run into an issue where you knock it off the stand, you are OK.

          If you don't have the OEM centerstand, seriously consider getting one. There are many reasons to have one (from working on the chain to parking the bike more safely on bad surfaces or around kids), and somewhere around here there is even a mod to let you quickly mount/unmount it for working on the bike.

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            I would make sure your chain is'nt flopping around when the back wheel is off the ground. If it comes off it could do some damage.


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              sweet deal thanks for the help

              i love manuals but i drive them all like me car so it doesnt always work out at first


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                and whatever you do, if ur on the center stand, dont lean back on ur seat!!!