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Weight Reduction?

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  • Weight Reduction?

    I have a 2000 750 Kat. The dry weight is listed at 211 kgs. What simple things could be done to get the weight under 200 kg? I've got a Yosh RS3 carbon slip on and I think it's ~8 lb less than stock so that leaves me another 7.5 kg to go.
    So I was thinking.
    1) remove passenger pegs
    2) remove passenger grab
    3) remove bungee bars below rear fairings
    4) replace steel tank bracket under seat with an aluminum bracket
    5) aluminum rear sprocket

    Any other simple things?


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    Remove center stand if you don't use it.


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      I think the most two common responses you will get are: 1) Go on a diet. or 2) Buy another bike. The Kats are just heavy creatures.


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        7.5 Kg?
        Remove 8 liters of fuel.

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          Well... with all that replacing you would save, let's say... 2 to 3 kilos!?
          Like Smokey said: Katanas are heavy (because... they sup. to be that way)


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            Take off your mirrors and your plastics


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              and I keep adding weight to mine
              -2000 "750"


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                I'm on a diet, thats the best way to reduce the total weight lol


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                  Originally posted by Thomas Dylan View Post
                  dry weight

                  He's not concerned about dieting. If he wanted to purchase a lighter bike, I'm sure he would.

                  The question at hand is finding ways to decrease weight on the current machine.

                  Thusly, on topic:

                  Swapping out heavier components for lightweight aftermarket replacements is what springs to mind. Depending on your mechanical expertise, that could range from removing centerstand and grab bars to custom-fitting a single-sided swingarm and finding lighter-weight rims.

                  Perhaps I'm not being terribly helpful, but I'd look at what's on your bike and determine what cannot be changed out, then work with the rest. *grin*



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                    If he's specifically looking for dry-weight reduction, the obvious answers are brake rotors and wheels. Lighter versions of both will provide not only total mass reduction, but also reduction of unsprung mass and reduction of rotating mass, providing handling/braking/acceleration benefits that outweigh benefits of 6X that much weight reduction elsewhere.

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                      Remove the center stand if it has one. What are you trying to accomplish and why??

                      Reduction of weight won't give you much more power but modifications to the engine will...Jetting, replace the cams with GSXR ones (there is a how to in the "how to" section), put in an after market air filter (K&N or UNI) [Ok it is April 1st so keep that in mind on the filter comment], and/or replace airfilter and box with pods [once again April 1st], oh yeah contact Arsenic for tuning and installation of a Turbo system...

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                        Centerstand, grab bar, stock exhaust, wheels, anything that's steel and can be forgotten or replaced. The frame is still made of steel though, gonna have a hard time with that.
                        90% of motorcycle forum members do not have a service manual for their bike.

                        Originally posted by Badfaerie
                        I love how the most ignorant people I have met are the ones that fling the word "ignorant" around like it's an insult, or poo. Maybe they think it means poo
                        Originally posted by soulless kaos
                        but personaly I dont see a point in a 1000 you can get the same power from a properly tuned 600 with less weight and better handeling.


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                          The most effective weight reducing mod I did was changing from this:

                          to this:

                          Lost almost 100 lbs


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                            Originally posted by Jax View Post
                            What are you trying to accomplish and why??
                            most astute answer IMHO.
                            R.I.P. Marc


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                              Thanks for the input,

                              Forgot about the centerstand still use it but maybe if I can get a plate of aluminum the right size I'll try making one and a side stand. 1/2 kg?

                              Thought about lighter wheels but many $$$ (but I won't kill that idea yet) Rotors maybe.

                              I think the 85 GSXR had a magnesium valve cover, the Kat's aluminum? 1/4 kg?

                              How about the cross brace under the tank aluminum vs steel 1/4 kg?

                              As for why?
                              Don't need more hp's the Kat's got plenty.
                              Yes, I could look for a <400lb bike, 85 GSXR or a Buell but I was looking for sport touring not SS. I went looking for a 94-96 VFR (216 kg dry) or a 98+ Kat. I found a nice Kat and very happy with it.

                              But if you ever get a chance to ride an old 70's Triumph twin take for a spin it's feels like a bicycle with 50hp, very nice. Light is nice.

                              Thanks again.