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I want a front/rear bike stand

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  • I want a front/rear bike stand

    I want some bike stands for when I store the bike for winter, are the cheap $99 dollar sets on ebay okay for this? I won't need anything terribly lightweight becuase I will just be storing it in a shed......wont be moving it.

    What brands, types, would you guys recommend Thanks. -Eric
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    I use this one for the rear (although I got it ebay, I got it for like 40 bucks in the US)

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      If it's for storage, there is a better solution: a home-build pipe stand. These are designed to support the bike from above using ratchet straps (wheels off the ground -- no need to unmount) and can be built for about $30 using common plumbing iron pipe from a hardware store.

      You can find the plans on the web, and I think someone posted a link here at KR for the how-to at a Honda-board (the VFR board?).

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        I thought of getting stands as well, but since the Kat has a center stand, that comes in real handy for winter storage. Just put her in the corner on the center stand and ur all set. I just went out and rotated the front tire just to be on the safe side about once every 5 or 6 days.


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          go here You might as well pay the money out for good stands b/c you will need them down the raod for something. The front one with the pin is what I have and it uses the standard pin. These are the same stand the AMA teams use. They very durable and you will not go wrong if you buy these. I have them and love them.