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Frame Sliders......GOOOD!!!! Jeans.......BAD!!!!!!!

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  • Frame Sliders......GOOOD!!!! Jeans.......BAD!!!!!!!

    Well, it finally happened to me this weekend. And I am thanking every god imaginable that my existence on this planet did not cease. Saturday morning GixerKat, OlderGuy, DeeDub, SVBrat left early for Palomar Mt. and Julian on the bikes. I wasn’t planning on hitting Palomar hard, but something told me to put my riding boots on just the same. I had just got new tires on my bike 2 days before and was taking in pretty easy at first. First trip up the mountain was fine. We stopped and scoped out the situation at the top, then ventured back down to the bottom of the “Slow” side. The trip down was fine too, but a little more fast pace than up. While I was jamming down the hill, I Hear OlderGuy in the chatterbox say, “Look at him RAIL that Kat.” That got into my head, and pushed the slick tire thing to the back. GixerKat then noticed me getting off of the bike in the turns a little more, “Get your fat ass off that bike!!” Yeah we where going pretty fast. Although before we got to the bottom I thought I was going to get off and check the wear marks on the tires for slick spots. But we where having to much fun and got to the bottom turned around and headed right back up, and twice as fast as before. The tires felt so good and the bike was running hard and smooth, and I was in the zone. I hit one of the left hand decreasing radius turns so hard and fast, but it was like I was on rails.
    This was turning out to be a one of my best runs ever. About 3/4 of the way up, I had slowed a little and had Harry and Steve a few bike lengths behind me. We when into a tight left hand turn, that came back to a slight right hander. In the middle of the right hander I went to crank up on the throttle, but instead found myself not bringing the bike back up out of the turn. The rear tire had slipped and the bike went into a low side skid. I was so in the zone I didn’t realize it until the bike had came out from underneath me and started to slide in front of me on its side. So me and the bike where siding across the lane, and then the oncoming lane, only to end up on the other side of the road not in the dirt and not off the 50’ cliff. I had me eyes wide open for the entire thing and remember it all. I got up and checked for 10 and 10 and 1 or anything pouring blood, then took my gear off. What a rush it is to live through that. My jeans where torn up pretty bad and I had some road rash on my calf. We picked the bike up and looked it up and down. The exhaust can was scratched pretty good but okay, the bar end on the handle bar was scraped up but okay. Frame sliders save my bike some serious damage. As you can see below, in the picture taken at the top of the Mnt. After that I rode to Julian, and then home.

    Yes, new parts and a leather riding suit are on the way. Thanks for reading.
    1995 GSX-R 750W (Barney Bike - Street)
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    It's good to see you did'nt get too banged up and it looks like the frame slider did a real good job and saved you a new fairing!
    R.I.P. Marc (CyberPoet)


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      ouch, close call <_<;;

      Glad you got off 'easy', hope you find some good gear

      oh and BTW i got a pair of jeans with the same damage, same style crash(disappearing rear, low-side). no frame sliders, have to spend loads of $$$ this winter to fix the fairing

      oh btw: paragraphs??
      -= Har du styr på lortet, eller lort på styret? =-


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        Whoah there!

        Here above the 49th parallel, when a guy shows leg like that we call it...
        "The Money Shot".

        Jus' kiddin' man.
        Great to see ya smilin' after that.
        "Speed Junkie Since 1975"


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          Even when the sucker Falls, he's smooooth!

          (Geeze...the guy goes down at some speed on Pali, he gets a booboo, scraped slider/bar end & torn Jeans!)

          Just glad you're still with us BK!


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            Sounds like you had a blast up until...well you know what happened. Anyway, glad you walked away, that is the most important part. Definitely looks like the frame sliders did a good job. By the way, what tires were you running and approx. how many miles did you have on them?


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              Originally posted by Skydvr
              By the way, what tires were you running and approx. how many miles did you have on them?
              They are new Michelin Pilot Powers. I had only put on about 60-70 miles on them. The left side is scrubed in, the right side......just not enough. Before the incident, the tires preformed great, I love'em.
              1995 GSX-R 750W (Barney Bike - Street)
              2004 GSX-R 600 (Race Bike) - Powered by
              Certified Addicted Racing/Trackday Monkey & Gixxer Fixxer // WERA West #224


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                Originally posted by Lagmo

                oh btw: paragraphs??

                LOVE the guy from Denmark calling you out on the writing! YES!

                Sorry to hear about the lowside, and VERY glad that you came out of it relatively ok.

                Now--how's about them new leather pants, eh?

                If we ever reach the point where we can't openly discuss riding bikes on acid without even a modicum of civility, then the terrorists have won.

                HORSE BANG!!! ........props to *GP*

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                  Damn bro!!!! glad to see you and the madkat are good!!! that rash looks sweet LOL
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                    Nice read!

                    Great little reminder for everyone buying new tires for the Gap.

                    Glad to see the sliders took the brunt.
                    How did your jacket hold up?


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                      Before the incident, the tires preformed great, I love'em.
                      Yeah, i gets mine next week. Can't wait to try them out.


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                        Man your bike looks intact, that slider took it really good, what about the canister, i can't see the end of it in the picture, are you going to have to replace it?
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                          glad you are ok, looks like you were having fun. can not get that smile off,,, uhh


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                            Shaved off the tip of that slider pretty good. Glad to hear your OK. It could have been much much worse from your description.


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                              Hate to see it happen but if it's gonna happen that's the way to do it! Darn glad to hear it went so don't do it again!!
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