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  • Gas milage

    Hey guys i was just curious.. How's the mileage on 600 kat??

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    I am getting 50MPG exactly on an 02 Kat, keeping cruising RPM's at/about 5k.


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      Mid to upper 50's (mpg) cruising in the 60 to 70 mph range. More reason to take the motorcycle with gas prices being what they are.


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        I'm averaging 45 mpg. My work is about 37 miles each way and I usually run between 80 and 90 mph. I like to keep a 10mph cushion between me and the cages.


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          I measured 46 last time I checked, I mostly ride freeway at 75-80...


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            45.06 mpg on my 750, so you know you'll get at least that


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              Awesome! how many miles can you usually get off of a full tank??


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                I fill my tank all the way to the top in my 1999 Kat 600. I get about 120 miles before I fill it up. I get gas when the needle gets to the top of the red. When does the regular tank run out of gas? I was under the impression that it's typically around where the red line starts, so I fill her up then. I haven't had to use the reserve yet. Around 3 gallons of gas have been filling it up, so I'd imagine I can still ride at least another 40 miles or so before needing the reserve.


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                  Well , over the weekend I was lost in Ohio somewhere and ended up pushing my luck by not filling up when I shoulda . I ended up getting 175 miles on one tank , then needle was BELOW the red , and when I filled up it took 4.8 gallons . That was almost a VERY bad day . However , my 750 doesn't get great milage in the first place (better than 35 is good for me) , so your milage may vary .
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                    ok so im guessing a steady avereage of 170? for a 600


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                      When your Kat is tweeked and running smooth, who cares how much you get out of a tank of fuel. When it runs out just fill it up again, and have some more fun.



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                        <cough> search feature <cough>

                        Been talked about numerous times before... I think it is like 12mpg...
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                          Crusing at about 6K-7K rpm in 6th on the freeway draining the tank completely my 90' Kat can go for about 300km(185miles) usually need to fill up around the 210-240KM mark(14-16L of 20).

                          Longest i've ridden yet on one tank is 288Km and used 18.2L of fuel 15.82 Km/L or around 37Mpg

                          Found out milage varies quite a bit though, can be as low as 11.5Km/L or up near 20Km/L all depends on how aggressively you ride
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                            I wouldnt' push 170 miles on the tank all the time actually. Good thing about the Kat is a gas gage, so no need to really mess with number much.. It hits the red, you fill it up...

                            I still remember the one time I had to flip to reserve on the Kat (I did it almost ever tank on the Seca), but it was after my 600 mile service, on the way home, and all I see is the oil light go on while going down hill... I'm all, OH S__T they didn't get teh plug in or something, and my bike is fried! Just then I look at the gas gage and see it's empty and sigh a huge releif as I thumb the tank to reserve, tap the starter and it was well..


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                              Stage III kit in a '95 600 = 32 mpg

                              Stage I kit = 38.6 mpg

                              Riding any bike with any kinda gas mileage = priceless!
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