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30 min. Craigs list bike -got it

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  • 30 min. Craigs list bike -got it

    So last nite looked on craigs list and the vanice & hines shop just lited the bike call at 7:00 pm he tells me he got 6 calls in 30 min. And the shop should be closed but hes waiting for this joey to come in 5 min. ...i say i will be there in 10 min. And if he not there can i have it ..... Well get there and tell the guy his 5 min. Is gone so heres the money ....$1,000 i load the bike and doing the paper work he shows up and sees the bike on my truck and dont even get out to cry and leaves after 4 min. Well the bike is a 1985 rz-350 ben sitting for 13 years , complete needs some work to get it going , has spec ii pipes .water cooled and no broken fairings mortor tuns over ...its my back project for now or might resale it to a 2 stroke nut

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    OOOoooo, an RZ350! I drooled over those in jr high! Good score!

    Originally posted by jetmerritt
    Save up for great gear and dress for the fall before you ride. If you can't afford good quality gear, don't ride. It's like saying you can't afford seat belts for your car. There are just no laws to make gear mandatory.


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      Originally posted by H-2 CHARLIE View Post
      so i load the bike and doing the paper work he shows up and sees the bike on my truck and dont even get out to cry and leaves after 4 min.
      I kind of lost you in that part of the story. What was the guy doing for the full 4 minutes he was there if he didn't get out of his car? Was he just sitting there staring at you buy what should have been his bike?
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        H2 you gotta use some punctuation!

        Good story thought.. Love those RZ. Elsies, or LC in the UK cause they were liquid cooled..


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          I think I need to have me a drank before I read these!!
          This "Phat Chick" rides her own!!!
          BTW, I think they may have been correct. It does appear that BLACK is indeed the FASTEST color. R.O.R...R.I.P.M

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            Make that plural Fash!

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              Oh I hate you..don't know ya but now I hate ya...

              Hell of a score. When the restore starts be sure to list it in the Long Term project forum..


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                yellow and black? i think i know someone...
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                  Congrats on the score


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                    Man great deal, congrats on beating the other guy there with cash in hand.
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                      I love the 350's, but I doubt I'd drop a grand on one that hadn't run in 13 years (for those who don't know, these bikes typically need a top-end rebuild every 10k miles anyway, as is the case for most two-stroke engines).

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                        Fun bikes! I had a RD400 than later got a RZ350.

                        Near death rides!


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                          Ok have 4 bikes in the garage now but realy want to ride this rz -350 so i pulled the tank washed it out with some clean gas twice it has no rust but a residue like light clean 2 stroke oil .then i drained the oil tank and refiled with yahamalube oil drained bottom end looked real good and clean so im using some trans fluid type f to losen some sticky clutch plates not real bad but a little sticky , then will use a gear oil down there . Adjusted the carbs took the slack out and sprayed some crc cleaner in them hope that will work but will yank them if needed to clean them inside . Washed the k&ns looking real small but in perfect shape . Hooked the battery charger to the wire leads , all seams fine except but the two bulbs missing on the rear . So after my ride tomorrow in turnbull cyn. I will pull the battery out of the h-2 same one and fire up this little bike . Need to flush the front brakes and compress the pistons light sand or clean and use some syn grease to get the moving free and easy . Replace any bad hoses my friend at the hose stop owes mE a favor . Rears seam fine just flush system . Now the chain was in great shape 13 years ago , has some light rust on it a d.i.d. 520-v but not kinked or frozen . So will brush some trany fluid on it to smoth it up .. Want to ride this little bike to see how fun it will be .. But im spoiled with the 750 and .60 over. This rz is the kenny roberts rz -350. last year of the 2 stroke in u.s.a. .......o i need to get the clubmans off of there dont seem to fit right cant see why they are on there. then i checked the coolent looks like i just put it in there so will change that real soon anyways
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                            Yeah had trouble followin that ............sounds like a nice find though
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                              fired it up after 13 years of sitting , STARTED ON THE 3RD KICK , I WAS SHOCKED ,gas overflowed everywhere but let it run anyways with gas dripping , sounds sweet a banchee motor ..kenny roberts rz-350. guess the carbs are comming off . the smell of 2 stroke filled my driveway and the garage . boy it was heaven
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