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another impound deal

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  • another impound deal

    just got back from this sale ..up was a 2000 883 sportster ,clean but had two rear broken lights .. so me and one other were biding on it .. i said 775 he said $800 then some bozo in the back says 900 and i not wanting to go over $1000 i stop he says sold i ask how much he says $800 and i say what ?? well could of made a quick $1,000 in a week off the resale but i did want that in my garge anyways the guy how bid on the 2008 R-1 last week has not payed for it and has three days left or loses his deposit 4,200 milrs on it and not a scratch on it ...i tell them i will bid $5,000 again and see ..there set on the opening price of $6,050

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    lol sounds like I need to hold onto some cash this summer and head to the auction with you down there.
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      Nobody there have any money ?
      the HD would pull at least $5000 here at an auction
      Blood , its in you to give!


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        Damn , I need to find me some auctions .....
        I am a fluffy lil cuddly lovable bunny , dammit !

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          This "Phat Chick" rides her own!!!
          BTW, I think they may have been correct. It does appear that BLACK is indeed the FASTEST color. R.O.R...R.I.P.M

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            so i guess i need to get my butt to some auctions this summer and see if i cant make some money or find a gem for cheap