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1995 750f Kat help

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  • 1995 750f Kat help

    Hi All,
    Just joined the site and wanted to say "Hi" and ask for some advice;
    I have a 750 kat 1995 that runs great but I need to replace the front springs, seals, bearings, you know, everything. If there is a site sponsor I would prefer to use them.

    Ok now I also need tires. I would like to put the largest tire I can on the back. It calls for a 150/70, I already have a 160 on there now, can i go larger? Then there is that brake stabilizer which might get in the way; so either a after market piece or just the largest size anyone knows will go on. As far as a manual goes i saw a download here on the site but cant find for some reason. I appreciate any help you can offer and will probably will becoming back often for help as I know you guys will have the answers.

    Thanks in advance
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    Hi, welcome to Katriders a great source for repair and modification information for your GSXF Suzuki, please take the time to browse the different forums and read the how-to/faq forum before asking any questions. You may find just the answer you were looking for and so much more! Click here for the Newbie thread
    Too impatient? I bet one of these was your question:
    Q. What's the biggest rear tire I should use?
    A. 150/70ZR17 (Stock size)
    Q. what oil should I use?
    A. click
    Q. Can I wheelie my Katana?
    A. Yes
    Q. Can I shift without the clutch?
    A. Upshift from 2nd up, yes. Down shift, never. 1st to 2nd never.


    That having been said..
    It is not the clearance you need to worry about in terms of a larger tire. It is the distortion of fitting a larger tire on the stock rim..

    You could check with theCyberPoet to see if he can offer fork parts to you.
    You're on your own with the rear brake torque arm..

    The manual link might be stickied. That is it is at the top of the forum (Mechanics 101??) so you might actually miss it.. Some people say stickies get lost.. They might be right..

    Found them.. Top of the forum here:

    While I'm at it a few periods and spaces could make your post a little easier to read..
    Ahh there you go! (Sorry, couldn't resist..)
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      hey thanks but thats not for me the big bulky tail and this tiny tire it has a 160 on there now so that will be the least this weekend ill try a 170 and see if that clears just thought someone here might have the answer before i try,


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        Well shoe horn it in there.. Why not?
        Oh yeah.. It's dangerous.



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          Very interesting thread, I am considering larger tires also on my '06


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            Originally posted by Black_peter View Post
            While I'm at it a few periods and spaces could make your post a little easier to read..
            Ahh there you go! (Sorry, couldn't resist..)
            Dude , I thought it was some kind of lame coded post and I actually was trying to figger it out before ADD got the better of me and I moved on .
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              for pre kat its recommended to keep with a 150 70r17 and a swap to a post kat wheel will be safer to run a 160 60r17 safely without squizing the tire in the wheel.

              a post kat got a 150 70 r17 tire and you gan get a 160 70r17 for it

              I got a brand new metzeler z6 15070r17 for my pre kat I cant wait to install them on the bike !


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                Someone needs some........
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                  this one could go south....welcome to the site Bruce, but I would listen to the advice on the tire...


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                    Hi and thanks,
                    Im not questioning the advise just the look. lol I know i am able to put the 160 on cause theres one there already, as far as bigger a new rim would be in order. Hey maybe instead of the bigger tire how about a smaller tail section is that an easier fix ? I have not yet taken the bike apart, I may tonight just to see, but if anyone knows another smaller tail that will fit Im good with that.


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                      Well... lot of ifs, but....

                      If you have access or purchase a 600 subframe (some peeps on this site might be able to help you out), can cut the cross braces off, and weld them on your subframe, you could swap out the 750 tail for the 600. See my sig for a pictorial.

                      As for the larger tire, the 160 you have on it now if it's with the stock sized rim is currently not giving you the best profile for the tire and handling. If your into the twisties, it sucks handling wise. I know, I ran a couple of brands at that size myself before decideing I just needed to change the rear. Your options for that would be to swap out a post 98 rim (4.5" vs pre at 3.5") for the least amount of mods. If you wanted the rims to match, you would also need a 98-02 front rim. The other option would be to do a swingarm modification. Either widen the Kats arm, or put a different arm in like off a RF900. Both options there are pretty significant mods. Again, see my sig for a walkthru on doing a Kat swingarm mod.

                      Or... you could look at buying/paying someone else to do a mod like that for you, but it probably won't be cheap.

                      I will say... this is something you do not want to skimp on. If your going to put on a wider tire, do what is nessasary to properly fit that tire to the right rim. If you don't, it will decrease your handling, decrease the tire life, increase the possiblility for tire failure, and over all just be less safe.

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                        Welcome to KR! Here's a thread about swapping an R1 tail onto the 750:


                        and a 600 tail onto a 750:


                        On the tire thing:
                        What you are wanting to do is akin to putting a Corvette tire on a VW rim. You might get it to fit, but it won't be right and it won't be safe. You could put a post Kat wheel on and gain an inch of width tho. Use the search function up top.

                        Edit: Damnit, Kreylyn beat me to it!!!
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                          Thanks and i do understand so i am just going to put the stock tire on and then cut up the back and put a smaller tail section on, I appreciate all the help i have gotten from this site, one guy sent me a how to on the tail so maybe ill give that a try.
                          Thanks again