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  • small getoff

    hey guys well sunday i lowsided my 99 750 and cracked the tail light starter cover and broke the left foot peg messed up the bar end but really other than that i think its ok a lil rash and i mean a lil but my question is...

    i have been looking for a newer bike anyway so should i

    a: just fix it and sell it

    b: sell as is

    c: part out

    the part i hate the most is my rf1000 is tost and so is my joe rocket jacket but pants and gloves are fine ( top speed was about 40 )

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    How many miles are on it?
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      knew i forgot somthing motor has 24xxx. tires ,chain rear brakes have 3xxx and front brakes have 5xx miles


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        can you post some pics of the damage? maybe we could get a better idea then. IMO...
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          ya i can do that its raining right now and my garage is dark so it will have to wait till it stops raining...