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  • Want some of your Help

    Hey guys. im looking to purchase a bike in the next little bit to fix it up and flip it.

    i know im gonna probly get several different suggestions here but i would mind your guys help

    i want somthing with a good engine/tranny because i dont wanna deal with rebuilds and that kind of thing.

    what kind of bike do you think is the best for this kind of thing?

    my background:
    im really good with my hands
    i would be higher then average with mechanical ability, however i am not a mechanic nor do i pretend to be
    i learn really fast and am able to transfer reading into practical easily

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    A bike you can get for cheap , not spend TOO much money on , but have enough time to tinker with would be good .
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      It's a buyers market atm


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        How are you with paint? If you're good then maybe you should look for something that's been crashed. Find something that runs with a jacked up fairing. Fix that and the resale value of the bike goes way up. Best part is that fairing repair is going to be low cost to you. Most of the cost will be your labor.
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          Flipping bikes is not going to net you a lot of profit after you factor in all the possible replacement parts needed and time.

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            Flipping bikes is a lot like flipping midgets, when your finished you'll be left with a sore back and very little money! But you'll have some fun times under your belt.


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              Yeah .
              That's why it takes a LOT of thinkin to get it right . Finding one for cheap that won't take a TON of money to get back into shape again . Can be tough . Hell , I'm hoping to do just a little better than break even on MY first project at this point .
              I am a fluffy lil cuddly lovable bunny , dammit !

              Katrider's rally 2011 - md86


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                thanks guys.


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                  i'm a newer rider but one of the ways i chose my bike was when i paid the guy i thought am i going to kill myself when i wreck it. and i mean that in the sense of kicking myself about buying brand new and wrecking it 2 weeks later. if not, then as long as it runs good, nbd! that is my two cents worth
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