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dirtiest carbs I have ever seen

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  • dirtiest carbs I have ever seen

    ok, like mreedohio is to solo cowls, that's me with sets of carbs. I buy them dirt cheap and set them up and sell them for a good profit (before you all get pi$$y, dealer labor to do what I do is $300 alone, and I sell the carbs for cheaper then the dealer labor rate WITH all that done.) Anyway, I got a set of 90-97 600 carbs today, and my dad brought them in my room, I asked him to take them in the garage cause they smelled like gas. They were pretty full of gas, but it wasn't a liquid. You know how gasoline turns to varnish? Yeah that what these were full of. I had to stop and take some pictures. Crusingram, I built him a set of carbs, they were the worst I'd seen, until these.
    Float bowls:

    normal float bowls, I have not cleaned these, but this is what they usually look like:

    here's the main jets, trust me, you can not see light through these:

    I had one needle stuck in a tube so I was spraying all kinds of penetrating fluid and carb cleaner and stuff trying to free it up. I was pulling on it with needle nose pliers and something broke free:

    I have never seen that happen, EVER. If you don't partially screw in the main jet and hit it with a screw driver, that tube aint moving. Thats what I did with the tube I replaced that with. That's still like that.
    I'm not even gonna try to get the pilot jets out. I'm gonna screw extractor thoughs bad boys and get new ones.
    Anyway, I'm kinda glad I got these, if your general non Suzuki tech Katana owner got these carbs they wouldn't know what to do.
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    wow fine set ya have there :


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      wow... ive never seen carbs that dirty... i bet that bike sat for a really long time.... dont tell me the bike was running...before u took the carbs.
      Please, Just go home, relax, and have a think or two... hell... have as many as you can handle! It'll do all of us some good.
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        no, the auction says "carbs might need to be cleaned, bike sat for a while." Which is fine, I wasn't expecting the worst mess I'd ever seen, and trust me, I've seen my fair share of dirty carbs.

        Originally posted by kidblooper View Post
        wow fine set ya have there :
        yeah, they are a real beauty now, but give me a few days
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          wow those are bad- how hard would that be to clean up?


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            I'll probably use a wire wheel on a rotary tool, I don't see carb cleaner doing the job.


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              thats what mine looked like hahahaa mine pulled apart like that too. took forever to get them clean but now shes up and running
              still screwing with junk


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                Mmmm, give it to me you dirty carbs. You dirty dirty carbs..................


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                  never mind, I just went out for a smoke and just for giggles, I sparyed one of the float bowls with carb cleaner. It cleaned right up, it actually worked just like it's supposed too. That never happens.


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                    I've seen some kinda like that before . Think about boiling them ? Seemed to help a couple that were in really rough shape . Strip em and make carb soup !
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                      You know, the only things I've seen that looked like that were stuff that had Marvel Mystery Oil stuck in them at time of parking and left for a year or more... Any chance you can ask the seller what the last batch of fuel was that he put in it (I never want to buy that brand! ).

                      Meanwhile, Chris, if you haven't invested in a serious ultrasonic cleaner, now would be the time... one of the industrial models that doesn't get hot and will run for hours on end (fill it with carb cleaner, drop in the stuff, let it run overnight).

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                        update... I actually got the pilot jets out no problem. I have a 3/8" ratcheting T handle. I bought an old Snap On 3/8" drive 1/4" socket (my ONLY SAE socket). My plan has always been to find the right bit in 1/4" drive and use that in the 1/4" socket on my T handle to get out pilot jets. I HATE those by the way. Well, I found the perfect bit tonight, whatever award really awesome tools get, this bit is nominated for that award.


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                          Realy bad carbs I use castrol super clean, it melts the varnish away, but you can let it sit in the alluminum too long ot it will tarnish it and stain it black....

                          I have seen carb bowls that bad before ...the bowls on the KZ/SCR Im working on were 1/2 full of jelly like sludge

                          do you have an ultra sonic cleaner to dip them in?
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                            Take them off the rack, and get a bucket of berryman's parts wash.

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                              Wow.... I really dont know what to say other than I am not going to let that happen to my bike....