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  • Seat cowl

    Can the solo seat cowl fit over the gel seat? I'd like to get one, but do not have the stock seat :/

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    I do not think it will fit the Gel seat.
    You can get a stock seat off ebay.

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      the site says no, only the stock seats. look under the common question part

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        Originally posted by Bob
        the site says no, only the stock seats. look under the common question part
        Thank you Bob! It's amazing how many people don't look at that.

        The solo cowls do not fit the gel or corbin seats, sorry. Those seats just have too much padding to look any kind of natural with a cowl over top of them. Most people use a stock seat and permanently mount the cowl to it and then use a gel for long rides and 2ups. Takes 30 seconds to change riding modes that way and you don't worry about tearing up your cowl or seat putting it on and taking it off all the time. (occaisionally isn't going to hurt but over years....c'mon, it's gonna wear). You can usually pick up a good condition seat off ebay for $25-$40 if your patient and watch.

        I suppose the other option for the extremely creative among you would be to take a gel seat and a cowl to an upholsery shop and have them cut the back of the gel to fit the cowl and then tuck/seam the edges so that it looked right...... It'd be pricey (guessing around $100) but you'd have the best of both worlds for single riding.......Downside to that is that it would probably look goofy as hell without the cowl on and the passenger would lose the gel padding.
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          The stock seat is so boring that the cowl really dresses it up nicely... but the corbins and gel seats are unique looking, not to much mention alot more comfortable too.


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            I was looking at this over the weekend, and in a Google search an old post from KatanaPlanet came up with a guy saying he got the solo cowl and the gel set to fit by taking a dermal to the cowl.

            I personally do not hold much stock in it working. Only saw the one old post and if it really worked I would have thought more people would be doing it.