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Extremely close call.....ALMOST went down.

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  • Extremely close call.....ALMOST went down.

    Yesterday I got off work. Rode home. No Problems.
    I came home to my box from of new brake pads. EBC HH pads, they were cheaper than Dennis & Kirk.
    Changed the pads out and went for a ride to get something to eat and to seat the new pads.
    Had a nice dinner with the lady and was riding home. She got home before I did....and I wasn't far behind. I was on an exit ramp I take EVERY day with NO problems. When a car and truck cut me off just as I am exiting onto the ramp.
    Since I wasn't used to the new pads reaction to my grabbing at the brakes hard.....I locked both the front and rear up.....and headed for the grass after looking very SQUIDLY! I was all set to just let the bike go and jump off since I was doing around 65.......but kept it upright and to my surprise avoided any damage, to myself or the bike.
    I was very happy to see that 3 people had stopped on the offramp shoulder waiting for me.......needless to say I was in a state of shock.....but amazed. I am thankful for them stopping, incase something happened, and amazingly during all of that, my back pack fell off my shoulders?!?!?!?! A guy drove it up to me and stated he saw what happened, and he was expexting me to loose it. I came within feet of a 2' rock ledge along the ramp........

    I got home after thanking the people for stopping and hugged my fiance. I am thankful everything ended up being okay. I will keep an eye out for people even more.......I thought I was watchful enough.

    Thanks for reading this,....I just thought I would share it in hopes everyone will give a second thought before exiting, entering and crossing intersections.

    Be Safe -Eric
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    Glad u are O.K!!!


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      I'm glad you came through it unscathed
      R.I.P. Marc (CyberPoet)


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        You can NEVER be too watchful.

        Play safe and good save!!


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          Wow .


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            glad you are ok just shows cars dont watch for bikes. I had the same thing happen to me once except i ended up go through someones front yard and almost hitting a tree.


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              so tell us the truth...did youmess your pants


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                always watch the cages. Thats all that can be said.

                I almost went down several months ago. I was in some 25mph traffic on a main street when i noticed the woman next to me , ON THE PHONE and with no blinker , made a lane change. Um INTO MY LANE WHILE IM IN IT !!
                I had no where to go in front of me and the guy behind me was alittle too close to stop and hope to get behind the woman. I rode as close to the medium, filled with dirt and flowers, as i ever have. I even scraped the lower fairing alittle. All this happened while im blowing my horn she never looked while coming over. When she finally noticed me there honking(after she was completely in my lane) SHE FLIPS ME OFF!! OMG!!!

                After that she swerves back into lane as if it was ME who cut her off. Im glad some states are banning adults from using phones. I've even read kids under 21 CANNOT use a phone in a car.
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                  Nice save ! and lesson well learned fortunately w/out injury or damage. Ive had instances of riding on roads every day, and now and then something happens that makes you realize you always need to be on your toes.


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                    Re: Extremely close call.....ALMOST went down.

                    Originally posted by KnightRider
                    EBC HH pads... Since I wasn't used to the new pads reaction to my grabbing at the brakes hard..
                    Yup. It's a world of difference, isn't it?

                    Glad you're ok.

                    Just be careful if you ride someone else's bike -- you never know what their brakes are like at first (could be miserable or way too sharp).

                    =-= The CyberPoet
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                      Thanks guys. Yeah......this was WAY to close for comfort. I will be taking backroads for a little while, that just scared the SHIAT out of me. I went back to see my tracks......I will try to get some pictures of the off-road excursion.
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                        I've had my Kat on the grass once, when i went wide in a turn. It's surprisingly steady on uneven ground(if you manage to keep it together and don't freak out).

                        Your experience does sound like a hair-raiser though, glad you're ok

                        On a side note: Three local teens got in an car accident 3 days ago here, one seriously injured(the driver), one dead, the girl who was riding in the back got off with the shock and a small scratch on the arm.

                        I knew the kid who died and the driver, they used to come around all the time to have their scooters fixed/buying parts at my dads workshop.
                        That was before they got their license...
                        and their parents agreed to loan them money for a 150mph car... and the insurrance...and the people at the party they where at that let them drive drunk...

                        Worst part is i've had my own 'Offroad Experience' in exactly the same spot a few years back

                        That was on the old CZ 185 though(sidestand jerked loose and hit the pavement in the turn)and all i did was hit the ploughed field and bend up the frontend.
                        Got off with a twisted ankle but the experience stays with me still.

                        Dunno if i have a point? Just ride safe, learn from dearly bought experiences and watch out for drunken/cell phone/generally mad cagers
                        -= Har du styr på lortet, eller lort på styret? =-


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                          I am glad to hear you are ok but grabing the rear brake is a very bad thing!!
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                            Glad you're okay. Could have easily been a lot worse situation.


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                              So gald you're ok! Good skills keeping her up!
                              Did you hug your fiance before or after you changed your pants?
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