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Thinking of selling my bike, need advice...

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  • Thinking of selling my bike, need advice...

    Help me price my bike please:

    2003 600 Yellow (katana of course!)
    zero gravity touring shield (on the bike)
    stock shield and a never used National Cycle touring shield included
    new chain
    corbin, and stock seat.
    22,000KM (mostly from 2 long distance trips)

    the bike is in excellent shape, but needs tires badly. there are two minor scuffs from when it fell over (at 0 mph). i have the touch up paint (base and clearcoat), but not a steady hand!). the new chain has been well cared for, as has the bike. it has never failed to start or given me any sort of mechanic gave it a thumbs up when he changed the chain.

    not trying to sell it here, just asking for advice on pricing her. i haven't fully decided, and i want to see what a reasonable price is and how much that differs from what i own on the loan.

    my reasons are many - buying a house, want to unload some debt and will be getting into a cruiser for my next bike! this one has served me well though - trips to west and east coasts of Canada from Toronto!
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    NADA Used bike pricing link, via Rider Magazine

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