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Cost of switching to a 4 in 1 exhaust

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  • Cost of switching to a 4 in 1 exhaust

    Hey guys. Starting the mods on a 96 Kat 600. Exhaust first! How much am I looking at to turn the stock dual exhaust into a 4 and 1. It will be going to a mechanic as I have no where near the skill to do it myself. Also whats a good brand on the exhaust that won't kill me in the posketbook but has a good sound?

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    How loud do you want it to be?
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      Not GSXR loud but something decent. I like the Yosh sound but not the Yosh price


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        I had a Vance & Hines 4 into 1. Found it on Ebay for $ 225.00. The sound is loud but high-pitched. It screamed when you got on it.
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          For the full exhaust itself, you're looking at 400-500 dollars with your best options being the V&H SS2R or a Yosh system. Then you gotta rejet your carbs which will be around 100-200 bucks preferebly from Ivan. This is of course if you do it yourself, which I would highly reccomend, since working on your own bike is cheaper and more rewarding...

          of course this is the 'brand new' way

          I would look for used stuff, especially exhausts....

          or, if you're handy, get a Post 98 exhaust header and modify it to fit your oil pan, and get a slip on.