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    Just a thought after riding tonight.I have found that my "comfort zone" speeding has drastically increased. I used to ride 70 - 75 mph.Now it seems im finding triple digits for long intervals. I rode almost 30 miles tonight averaging at least a 100 mph. Got me thinking, I think I feel to safe in my gear I never ride like that without gear.
    This topic should stirr up some smoke ..... lol
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    hate to break it to you, but at those speeds your gear probably wouldnt do much for you anyway. Dont feel too safe in that gear
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      I cruise at about 75 to 80mph while on the highway. Just seems to be a nice cruising speed on the bike. Hell, even at that speed a lot of times cars are still passing me.
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        you must have some awesome gear if you feel it's going to hold up at triple digit wipeouts, maybe you should refer NASA to your supplier

        70-75 is a nice cruise speed for me, crank it up a notch to get around the occasional dump truck or semi.
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          Originally posted by KatanaO215
          hate to break it to you, but at those speeds your gear probably wouldnt do much for you anyway. Dont feel too safe in that gear
          Man you guys are rough. The guy is wearing gear and you still give him shit. How do you think it would be crashing without the gear!!! Do you really think it's not going to do anything?

          It didn't take me long to become comfortable. The feeling of accelerating on a bike always makes me want to go fast. I find myself having a hard time keeping it below 85 on the highway.


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            The fastest I've gone was 85-90 mph and it scared me a bit to be going so fast...but I'm new to motorcycles. I won't be cruising anywhere near that speed for a while. For now, I stick around 65-70.


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              I like to cruise around 75 mph. I'll find myself going faster if I don't check the speedo regularly.
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                I try to force myself to stay below 80 on the freeways because if I go too fast for too long I become comfortable at that speed and it feels too weird to ride slower. Because my bike's heavier it really feels solid at speed and lulls you into a false sense of security. 100mph feels like 60, only the painted stripes go faster. Sometimes I look down at the speedo right after passing a couple of cars and I'm at the far side of 110! The best way for me not to get into trouble is to judge the cars around me. As long as I'm keeping pace and a few are still passing me I know I'm ok. If nothing is within my zip code.... I'm in trouble.


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                  I can only imagine on a Busa ... Thats a dream come true. Sweet bike, Just curious whats the engines RPM at eighty 6th gear?
                  2004 CBR 1000 RR I dont gottagofaster anymore ....


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                    I cruise at 75 to 80mph on the highway, and when I get an occasional, "cant fight that feeling", I grab a lot of grip and see the triples for a short time.
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                      70-80 on the highway.


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                        lol, try cruising at 70Mph on the freeway here and you'd probably get overtaken by everything(possibly even semis, some of those drivers are beyond crazy)

                        Speed limit on the freeway is 80mph here(130kph) and usually traffic is moving just slightly faster than that(ca. 85-90)

                        That's nothing compared to the autobahn though: a good cruising speed there is around 100mph
                        (unless you got a busa, those things usually come hurtling past at 140mph+)

                        personally i really like the 80-90mph zone, since my 90' 600 will be at about 7K rpm in 6th, it's not vibrating and power is instant should i need to overtake a few cages

                        Besides... once you start going much above 60mph, gear isn't going to help you much if you get into a serious accident anyways.

                        Keeping your wits about you and looking out for potential hazards and adjusting your speed accordingly goes a long way towards keeping you(and others for that matter) safe
                        I'd say wearing gear has little or no effect on how fast i ride. Then again i hardly ever go without it, unless i'm just going for a very short trip(to the store in town etc) I'll never give up my lid though
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                          70-75 seems like the sweet spot for my 750.


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                            How are you guys getting away with these extra-legal speeds? Has it always been this way where your chances of getting a speeding ticket are very slim? Have things changed: fewer police or all traffic moving much faster now?

                            Does a motorcycle present a smaller profile for a radar gun?

                            My personal fear is deer or other small wild animals darting into my path from the too tall grass or too nearby woods.

                            As for safety, unless there are cars entering from access roads, or you are speeding in traffic, nothing should cause you to spill. Driving on unfamiliar roads at high speed seems to be a risk that can be overcome so easily by just making a low speed pass on the first run. This is if you really want to go into the tripple didgits. No sense coming up to a curve and then discovering that there is sand or gravel on it.


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                              I'm on city freeways at 75-80, they really don't use much radar around here (and like Lou, I still get passed by a few cars every ride) Rural highways are much different wrt radar I would assume. But in either case, a bike will ping a radar gun just as much as a car will...