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85mph in a 30mph

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  • 85mph in a 30mph

    HI guys,

    I have good news and not so bad news :

    A friend of mine test rode my bike and said the vibrations were normal. He also told me I should rev it more.

    So on the way back home, around midnight , I reved it more : red lined in 3rd gear, to see how it is like.

    Guess what : at that very moment , in the dark behind me , there was a police car . He stopped me and was REALLY cooooool so I got a warning for doing 40 in a 30 , he thought I was doing 60 instead, I think (I did checked the speedo) I was doing more like 85 ....

    Is 85 what you get if you redline in the 3rd gear ?

    for doing 60 in a 30 I would have got a 275$ fine ( After I got the warning he asked me what is the fastest I ever been , I said 90 ( it's true) and he asked how fast I think I could have went, and I said 120....

    I just read the topic about how fast you guys go, and I can't imagine myself going that fast with my 89 bike with an valve cover oil leak and all my vibrations.... Maybe one day when I will have a way newer bike but no way on this one.



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    Um , BEFORE hitting red in SECOND I'm doing over 60 , of that I'm sure ....
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      I can hit 70 easliy in 1st gear. Yes I have peg my speedometer out a time or 2.

      You are correct about not going fast with a valve cover leaking and the vibrations. I to had a valve cover leaking and it is the gasket. Cheap part easy fix unless you run into stripped out bolt holes.


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        Yeah I'm about redlining at 80 in 2nd. 3rd should be over 100.


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          Valve cover leaks are easy to fix...... Unless you have a 1100 engine in your kat, because every time you want to take the Valve cover off, you have to drop the engine
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            Originally posted by AkBigN
            Yeah I'm about redlining at 80 in 2nd. 3rd should be over 100.
            +1 I think ever gear is plus 20 mph.
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