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Access to headlight bulbs?

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  • Access to headlight bulbs?

    Hey guys

    Trying to change a headlight bulb and my hands just don't want to fit into that space behind the fairing where the bulbs are connected / secured (behind the headlight cluster)

    I managed to remove the rubber boot, and the clip that holds the bulb in, using a long screwdriver. Now the $64 the heck to I get the clip back on?

    There's a little screw which I undid just enough to get the clip off, but I can't get 2 hands in there at once to put it all back together. Do i need to remove some fairing pieces? Or is there a trick to replacing headlight bulbs without taking off plastics?

    If I have to remove plastics, which pieces would I need to take off for the best access to taht area?

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    I changed the bulbs in my '02 Kat when I had it without removing the fairings. Just went from underneath the front fairing. Don't remember it being difficult...


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      mine is tighter than a bitch to get at. like yours, it is easy enough to remove the clip, but a pita to get it back in. i have done it enough though, that i can do it no problem now. you just have to get the hang of it....or remove your upper fairing if you can't.
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        Yup. Big hands makes it not a easy job. Very easy with all the fairing off though. Take either side off and have at it. Not sure if you will have to take both sides off or not. Last time I did mine, all the plastics where off.
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          The clip is not ment to come off. You lift the right side of the clip up and you should be able to swing it open. To put it on put the clip on screw the screw and then swing the other side to the front of the bike and lift and lower.
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            Turning the handlebars all the way to one side gives you better access. Once you do it, it's not too difficult, but the first time is tricky. Unlatch, pull out the old bulb, insert the new one, and relatch. Looking at the latching mechanism while you're trying to relatch it makes it much easier to do, because you can see what you're having at.

            As a few here pointed out, having smaller hands is a blessing in this case. Strong fingers help too...

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              just put in some Silverstars and taking the fairing off was a big help. And what's all this crap about the clip? It wasn't THAT big of a deal guys geez lol :-p can't wait to see the difference at night on this as the silverstars in my car were a HUGE improvement. I was thinkin about the APC "simulated HID" bulbs but i went with quality instead.