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  • multiple katanas

    Has anyone bought a katana and then after a number of years with it decided to get another katana? I've had four bikes now and none of them have been the same, it's always exciting to research a new bike before purchasing.
    When i was looking for a bike last summer i was going to get a dl650 but i saw the katana 750 and that was it, i couldn't get my mind off of it and i decided that this was the bike for me.

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    I had a 1988 Kat 1100 for about 4 years and put about 17,000 miles on it. I loved that bike but wanted something newer. I settled on a 2000 Kat 750 and have not ever regretted it!! A third Kat someday??? I don't know. I keep thinking about a V-Twin. TL SV Superhawk?? Who knows.!!


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      I had an '00 Kat 600. Put 29k miles on it. Two years later, I bought an '01 Kat 600 (used with 1500 miles on the odo) to replace it really cheaply -- cheaper than the '00 went for. Thus, I went from Kat to Kat without anything inbetween.

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        bought a 92 1100 in 93, rode it until 03, then bought a 93 1100.
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          Havent done that w/ the Kat yet, but I did have a Maxim and went to Special II...basically the same bike.

          Although many people, when they have a Kat and get another bike, if they keep the kat, they'll usually go for one thats bit faster, quicker, lighter, liquid cooled, etc.

          Basically have the best of the both worlds, which definately includes the Kat.


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            I had a 1997 Kat for almost 3 years, sold it for $ 100.00 less than I paid for it and bought a 2003 Kat for not much more. I really liked the old one but LOVE the new one. I wanted to trade up because it is almost impossible to find anything for the pre-98 models and I wanted to make some changes. I don't think the GSXR is very comfortable and (IMO) the CBR is just too expensive, so - I stayed with the Kat.
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              I am still working on that myself.
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                I still have my 2001 Katana 750 with 11,711 miles.
                I just bought a 1998 Katana 600 with 11898 miles for my wife. Now I am in the proccess of fixing her up. Thanks to Keith (Special K) and Andy (lopeha), I have all the parts I need but the Solo Seat Cowl, which I will be ordering next week from Braada Jim. Now that we will have somewhat matching bikes, who knows where we will go from here.
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                  i had a 1995 kat then, a 2001 kat. and before that a 1992 dr250.


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                    I just wanna ride . And now that I've had my first taste of "sport" bikes , anything slower would be not NEARLY as much fun . Only reason I got THIS one was because it was running , it was cheap , and I NEEDED a bike . Same rules will probably apply when it comes time to get another bike ...
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                      Bought a 1992 750 in 2002, then bought the 1990 771 beast in 2004. Still have both, but plan to keep only one soon though.
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                        I had a Yamaha Seca (1984 I think?) 550 given to me by my uncle. The carbs had been epoxied together, and when they were cleaned they pretty much fell apart. That was when I was around 14 or 15.

                        I bought my '03 Kat 600 last year, and wouldn't mind having another one someday, probably a 750. Maybe I'll get one from Special K someday when I've got the cash.
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                          the kat is my third bike.first i owned a yamaha xy and then a yamaha the kat. i would say they are all great bikes, but the most i love is the kat! 8)
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