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Ever see ur old bike out on the road?

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  • Ever see ur old bike out on the road?

    I was coming home from work today,and I could have sworn I saw my old Honda rebel 450. I couldnt see it perfectly due to the traffic, but I was looking for the custom scarecrow paint job on the tank and rear fender, and from a distance, it definately looked like it. Same color, chromed out, still in good shape from what I could tell. He turned off before I could get a closer look, but it got me to thinking; did anyone else ever see a previous bike that you had being ridden by its new owner?

    Kinda nostalgic to say the least, for me at least?

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    I would love to see my last bike on the road again...because it was stolen! I always look at examples of my last bike just on the off chance that i wll see it again.


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      I would imagine for their sake, they're hoping u dont see them on the road!!!

      Thieves suck!!


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        Actually yes. I sw my kat that I had traded in to a local dealer. Last week I went on a group ride and saw it in the group. A friends cousin had bought it. Freaky
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          I wish I could see my old bike (was a really nice honda shadow). but the dumbarse who bought it after me crashed it. twice. first time he got it fixed, second time he totaled it. dumbarse.
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            I think my old 1988 Kat 1100 is now a dust collector in the guys garage. I wish I held on to that bike. If I ever see him I just may offer to buy it back for the same $1000 I sold it to him for!!!


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              i sold my buddy my SRX250 so i saw it all the time, kinda sad


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                I used to see my 94 CBR F2 from time to time, but I think the squid that bought it got a litre-bike soon after or something because I stopped seeing it after a few months.
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                  I sold my Shadow500 to a couple in Indiana . They came from a LONG way off to get it , as I was selling it for so cheap . So no , I don't ever see it . I gave (until he can actually PAY me for it , anyway) my dad my last bike , a dresser Virago , that he's currently trying to get on the road again . Hopefully I'll be able to see it again soon . It was COMFY .
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                    A friend of mine saw my old GSX-R a couple times around Sandusky. I think the guy wrecked it, though, cuz it then disappeared from the face of the earth. I knew as soon as I met him that he'd wreck it, too.
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