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cruising RPMs ?

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  • cruising RPMs ?

    I was wondering if cruising between 7k-8k rpm on freeway is ok for the engine. I know its only 1K more than before but with my recent sprocket change thats where i cruise at. Sounds better to me, but just wanna make sure a 30-45min ride wouldnt do anything harmfull.
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    It's fine .
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      mine is around 5500 in 6th going 70mph.....but 7-8k is around 5k below redline if you think about it. I'm guessing it will be fine.


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        with higher RPM for longer times the oil will break down faster look at change oil more often even if you change your oil at 3000 km and the filter ever other oil change or every oil change
        remeber one thing oil is cheap compared to parts and labour and it will help the motor in the long run
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          Yeah, u'll be fine, but like previously mentioned, if u do it w/ reguarlity, u'll want to look into changing the oil more often.

          Remember, bikes are made to be high rev'in beasts, they can take if u take care of them.


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            I would guess running at 10,000 RPM may be a concern, but I think you are fine.


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              these motors are not car motors, less rotational mass, less stress and prob better engineered to run and be beat on, they dont build these to be lil pansy bikes they are built for recreation, so have fun and give her hell man