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ride opinion after all my work is done.

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  • ride opinion after all my work is done.

    Well i finally got to ride my kat today after 5weeks of waiting for parts breaking parts trying to get them off and of course my dad dropping it and breaking engine cover , right as i was ready to test drive her.

    I went -1 in front and +6 in rear. I originally wanted stock front +6 rear , but after 2 week of waiting for shipping and finally got it they sent me a -1 front. Oh well so i put it on anyway just to see how it runs.

    WOW!!! on top of having new metzeler z6's , this bike feels like my friends R6. almost. I can bring the wheel up 3-4inches from a fast take off but it wont go any higher. I wasnt doing it to do wheelies tho, but thats how i guage the performance difference. I rode about 75miles today andi love it. Much more quicker. Ya i cruise on freeway at 1K rpm more than i did, i think the trade off is worth it.

    As for the tires performance. WOW again. Of course i was still on the macadam's since i bought the bike , but these are soooo much different. First time i toko a turn the bike felt 100lb lighter. Its almost no effort to turn anymore. I havent fully broken in the tires so i havent done any hard turns , but i highly recommend to anyone still running stock tires. If you buy from thats the cheaper i've found most tires.

    Im going to have fun this summer if only i had some friends with bikes. I've been riding alone since i bought mine. Any bike clubs in sacramento,ca ?
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    +6 in the rear???? WoW. I bet you are pulling quite a bit more off the line. How much has it cut off your top end, or do you not know yet?
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      I dont know about top speed yet. I would assume i lost maybe 15-25mph. WHich is fine since i dont race. I just like accerating fast, but cruising at 75mph my RPM is at 7K as opposed to 6K before. its got way more roll on power even at high speeds.
      " The key to Immortality., is first living a life worth remembering." -St Augustine