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crank case cover question

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  • crank case cover question

    So after over a month of waiting for parts and tires..3days installing new tires, 520chain conversion with larger rear sprocket,running into small problems including stripping out the allen bolt holding on the speedo signal generator nut and destorying that nut in the process. I got everything back on and ready to roll. then my dad drops my bike getting off it and breaks off a bolt ear on the ,i think its called the Starter Cover, the engine cover on the right side of the bike, dumping all the oil and scratching my fairing up pretty good.

    I need to know what other bikes' cover will fit the kat , if any. Im going to junkyard to get one.
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    ah 89- new year kat motor will do, and any 92-87 and younger gsxr motor will do also