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WOW....what a difference.

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  • WOW....what a difference.

    For like the last 5-6 years, my 92 Kat 1100 went well, but I never realized how much it was missing. It was like through the years, the maintenance got out of synch. New plugs one year, carb cleaning another, just wasn't all at the same time. So today I take out my 93 with fresh new plugs, new plug wires, airfilter, carbs cleaned and synched, valves adjusted....the whole complete package. WHAT A DIFFERENCE! There is corridor in the building where my shop is that is maybe 200-250ft long by about 10ft wide. There is also just enough "dust" on it so that you will spin pretty easy on take off. I left a strip of rubber maybe 60-70 ft long. It was cool. I went outside in the parking lot and could not believe the power it had. Something was always lacking before. Whether it was a bad air filter, not so clean carbs, bad plugs or wires...whatever. Now it kicks ass. I am anxious to see what I get for gas milage now as well. Last year at the Ottawa rally, I was burning way too much gas. It feel like a new machine...just like my 92 did when I bought it back in 93. I always thot the 92 pulled more than the 93, but come to find out there has just always been something not up to par.
    I have fallen in love with my bike all over again.
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    Congrats mojoe, sounds like she's running like a beast again.


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      I just did a quick oil and filter change and i noticed the difference immediately. I imagine the difference on your bike Mojoe, max power!!!
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        Thats awesome..its always great when you work on your bike and see a noticeable difference in performance !!


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          Sounds like you got yourself a new bike....again!
          R.I.P. Marc (CyberPoet)


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            Very nice!
            Can I ride it??


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              So let me get this straight. Your supposed to change the oil and clean the air filters??????

              Damn. No wonder I can't get mine to run.
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                Lou, you crack me up
                R.I.P. Marc (CyberPoet)