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Custom Waterjet parts?

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  • Custom Waterjet parts?

    I am trying to feel out the market for custom Katana parts cut from aluminum/steel. I have an acquittance who I would like to present with an offer to cut custom parts for the kat. He (engineeer)has a water jet currently and is purchasing a laser jet. I am just trying to get a feel for custom parts ideas for the kat. The guy rides and is partial to cutting bike parts. I talked to him last weekend and he said his water jet is large enough to cut an Integra in half...So post up on ideas!

    This guy goes by Kingtut on the FZ1 OA board and is looking for stuff to do with his toys. He has a website set up at
    His sister in law is the model

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    Call me!!!
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    Please look at this build!


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      His sister in law can cut me in half.. HUBBA HUBBA!!!!

      Custom chain guards would be pretty cool though.
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