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So I lost it today...

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  • So I lost it today...

    I went to the shop and had them put on a new back tire for me. Now I know they're slick when they're new, but dang!

    I was pulling out onto the highway and I gave it just a tad more than I should have. It spun around on me and acted like it'd low-side if I kept going. I guess I reacted and let off the gas, which let my back tire grip again and it flung me over in a high-side.

    I was hardly moving so it wasn't too bad. I'm a little sore now, but nothing I won't recover from with rest - I rolled instead of slid, plus I had my gear on - helmet, jacket, gloves, boots and jeans.

    So I pushed it back to the shop where I just left.

    I lost my brake lever and the crank case cover on the left side, along with one of the screws on that.

    Oh and I scratched the crap out of my fairing on the left side near the turn signal.
    Keep the rubber side down!

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    that really sucks....

    wheres the video of the guy pulling out of the dealership...I think he does the same thing


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      i hate new tires - i take the wheels in & have the tires mounted - then i rub them down with 150 grit sandpaper - then go warm them up on the street.



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        Glad you're ok ! Yeah new rubber can be quite tricky to get used used. Lesson learned unfortunately at the expense of some new parts, but it could have been alot worse.

        Did the guys at the shop say anything to you when u came back ?


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          I was surprised..nobody laughed at me.

          The guys were all professional about it and started checking the bike out immediately..once they knew I was okay.

          I've got a PM into Special K for the parts if he's got 'em..Hopefully I'll have the bike back in working order next week.

          Now that I've had some time to relax and think about it a little more, the jacket didn't save my life or anything, but it sure saved some bruises. My elbows and shoulders are a bit sore from the impact. The crash was low speed and even with no shirt there would've been no lasting damage. But the gear was worth it just to save some pain.

          But yeah, I hate learning things the hard way. Just the way it has to be sometimes. Live and learn...

          Oh..the guys at the shop did say something I hear a lot here. "The bike can be fixed..glad you're ok."
          Keep the rubber side down!


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            Originally posted by Range
            that really sucks....

            wheres the video of the guy pulling out of the dealership...I think he does the same thing
            Yeah I thought of that one. I feel like an idiot! I'm glad I was as close as I was though..I was able to just push it back...
            Keep the rubber side down!


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              I hate seeing titles like that, it makes me cringe!!

              Glad you are ok, really glad!
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                I am very sorry for what happened bro!!! I hope you are ok, the bike can be rebuilt alot cheaper than a person can. I usually wash the bike after a service for the customer. It is mandatory at the HD dealer I work at, they won't let a bike leave without being detailed. That is a good practice even if you get just a tire. On a personal stand point, I make sure that I wash the new tires before even trying to ride on them!
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                  Thanks for sharing your story. Very glad you are ok. I agree about
                  learning lessons the hard way, it sucks. I'm glad you told the story so
                  someone else will be careful about new tires. Thanks
                  'Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose and sometimes it rains" !


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                    Got the PM............answered back already!

                    Real sorry to hear about the down..................

                    The reason (I've been told by the Goodyear folks) that the MC tires are SOO slick is that those manufacturers use silicone as a mold release.........
                    I've owned over 70 Katanas - you think I know anything about them?
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                      Yeah, I've mentioned this several times over the years here and on KR's precursor -- the tires come out of the tire presses coated with a silicone release agent. There is no good way to remove this (chemically) without damaging the underlying rubber... The problem with abraiding the surface is that there is a ton of the silicone still left in the grooves, which will move outward as the tire rotates over the next 15 to 100 miles, smearing itself across the carcass again and again. Thus, every shop (at least in my area) tells you for legal reasons to take it easy for the first 100 miles -- and most have a disclaimer on the receipt that you have to sign when you pick the bike up from mounting.

                      Sorry to hear of your misfortune. Glad to hear you walked away in good shape.

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                        I'm gona coat mine with bacon grease. Then they will be slick with bacon grease instead of the stupid silicone.

                        Glad your ok. I think I will just bring my rims in to get my tires mounted, and cruise around the airport a bit to get them scrubbed in.
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                          Glad your OK man........ I had to ride my new rear home in the rain last year..... I work @ BFGoodrich and hafta work with that silicone..... That stuff is slick...... you wouldn't believe how slick a tire is after it comes out of the painter.......
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                            Glad you are ok. When the dealer changed my tires, they made me sign this part on the receipt that says "WARNING: New tires may be slippery up to first 100 miles".
                            Just for curiosity: What tire did you got?


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                              I got the Pirelli MTR04. Looks like a good tire..just a bit slick at first. Hopefully I can get it back next week and I can get it scrubbed in properly.
                              Keep the rubber side down!