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world of regret when you're lying in the ditch...

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  • world of regret when you're lying in the ditch...

    A month ago I was distracted while riding, screwed up low sided the Kat doing 60mph on a quiet side road... I blacked out and woke up laying flat on my back in the ditch (and in a puddle just for extra effect), not being able to breathe, with a sore shoulder. As the post title says, it *really* sucks to lay in the ditch.

    Not being able to breath was shock, but after that was just generally worried about my back and such... rasied my arm and got the attention of a motorist that called the Ambo. So I found out it sucks more when you have to wait for an Ambo.

    To screw up is really stupid, but to ride without gear is genuinely moronic, so here's to all the armour I was wearing.

    Shoulder ended up being a broken collar bone, and my elbow still can't straighten fully. My big tonail is also about to fall off as it somehow got clobbered through my boot. Small amount of rash where the road got in between my coat and pants, my side still has a swollen lump. Looking at my helmet, there's a strike point on the left hand side... and the break in the collar bone is most likely from the helmet recoiling from this strike... so, the break is a pity, but sans-helmet would have most likely meant "lights out".

    I made the local news, here's a scan from the paper...

    ...although there was no "throwing" involved... I remember laying it down before waking up in the ditch.

    Think this is my first post here since KP hiccup'd last year. Some people may remember the "deer avenger", when I struck a deer with my Kat roughly a year ago now. My fairings were still being sexy-fied from this, so there's no rash to get off them, but I'm sure the motor casing isn't pretty (still haven't got the bike back, but that's a separate long and shitty story).

    Keep your head where it should be, and your mind focused on riding.
    It sucks to lay in the ditch.

    --- it may be my role in life just to serve as a warning to others ---

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    I love the "Skid Mark" ranking for forum newbie (KP kudo's don't transfer and all)... never been more appropriate.


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      Wow, ur a celebrity but really though, we're glad ur ok, and able to post up about your unfortunate incident as lesson to all to always stay focused..becuz that scenery, and the daily grind can sometimes be distracting as we all know.


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        Cops , you must have been going at least 120mph according to that report.
        Anyhow, glad to hear your
        ok! Any chance you could describe the deer accident? I travel 40 miles each way to work at night, usually 3 nights are on my kat. Lots of deer in Virginia, I'm kinda uptight about them.


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          Arron, we're all glad you are still around to give us your words of wisdom. It's advice that I should listen to. I gotta stop checkin' out the ladies.

          Good luck healing up and getting the bike back in order.
          Ride like your life depends on it.


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            Sorry to hear about the accident, but it could have been much worse. Hope you heal quickly.

            Hit a deer eh?? When I was a kid I had a dog try to take out my front tire (it was a little dirt bike). After hitting the dog my handlebars spun sideways and I was pitched forward with the bike. I landed on my back and skid a little ways. Luckily I wasn't going too fast ... but it sure did hurt!
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              Originally posted by jfray
              Cops , you must have been going at least 120mph according to that report.
              Anyhow, glad to hear your
              ok! Any chance you could describe the deer accident? I travel 40 miles each way to work at night, usually 3 nights are on my kat. Lots of deer in Virginia, I'm kinda uptight about them.
     about 8-9pm at night... cruise'n easy around a long sweeping curve, I got up to 70mph and a deer literally jumped on me. I had no warning, not even time to get to the anchors. Front of the bike caught it just behind the shoulders, and it slammed into the side of me and the bike. With the front fairings and glass lightbox smashed open, it literally gutted the deer.

              Wife and her friend was also in the car behind me saw the whole thing. Freaked them out nicely.

     smashed my left hand breaking the tip of my thumb, but I kept the rubber bits of the bike on the road and pulled off to the side with oil flying in all directions (took out the oil cooler). Bike damage...

              I took the fix-up opportunity to hack up some "new" main fairings (second hand fairings in better shape than my deer killed ones) to add some body shaping mods (preview: ), just about the painting stage, so this last akko was without fairings on.


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                Thanks for the kind words. Being this is the second year of having the bike, and second akko in... my family is kind of worried about the potential thrid.

                I'm still looking forward to fixing and finishing the bike to the sexy status I know I can get it to... but unsure if I'll sell it when it gets there or not. Probably by then I'll have ridden it again, and with all the work on it, just keep it


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                  Yes we are all glad you are ok and can ride another day. Since I have been off the site for about a month, WELCOME! Going down sux period, just ask anyone who has. Gear or not it is not a ride in the park. I have been down hard once and I for one don't want to do that again. Lucky for you it was a lowside and not a trappies flight like mine. I am sorry to hear about the broken bones though.
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                  Who knows what is next?
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                    Glad taht you have made it through 2 scuffs so far. Lets hope there isn't a 3rd. And besdies, the Kat really doesn't look to bad nekkid
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                      Firstly, welcome! I do remember the deer story!
                      Glad you got out okay and shared your story, and hope you and your bike get better soon.
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                        Welcome back. Glad to hear your okay.
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                          wow....that is harsh....sounds a little like my crash...but I got off a lot better....I attribute it to my gear!

                          Good luck, get it fixed and get back on learned from your mistakes I assume.


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                            Wow, Glad to hear you are alright.
                            R.I.P. Marc (CyberPoet)


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                              Just wanted to say thanks for sharing the deer story. It proves one thing , you cant trust the suicidal deer.