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Norway trip - planning and pics

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  • Norway trip - planning and pics

    In just a few weeks Sandra and I will be traveling through Norway again.

    We've been planning this trip since last winter and now it's almost time to go. Been there before twice. One trip with a rented mobile home, one organised campingtrip. This will be the first time we'll be riding there.

    We'll not be riding to Norway from the Netherlands.

    Booked returntickets for the ferry's from Amsterdam to Newcastle and from Newcastle to Kristiansand.

    App. 1300 to 1400 miles in Norway in two weeks, so we've got time to chill, see the sites, and do fun stuff like climing a glacier.

    Looking forward to ride the Trollstigen again:

    We tested our gear last month, camped in the woods two nights, meanwhile got the things we needed but forgot.

    Luggage fit's, no problem stuffing everything we need.

    My ride

    Sandra's ride

    Will post our story and some pics once we get back end of July

    Meanwhile here's a cute pic taken a few weeks ago when we met a bunch of other Kat-owners:

    Once we get back I'll loose the rear rack and will slide something over the stock seat from the rear

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    OH man, Im so jealous, just looking at that map and those twisties!!!!!!!!! Looks like u'll have a great time together!!


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      Looks like you guys are going to have a Great vacation, I'm jealous!! Nice pics by the way.
      R.I.P. Marc (CyberPoet)


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        Looks like a great trip. Good luck, I can't wait to see the pics when you get back.


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          Remember to bring something to shade your eyes when you want to sleep (midnight sun issues)... as well as your beer... There's an old saying:

          People from Norway go to Denmark to buy cheap beer.
          People from Denmark go to Germany (Flennsburg) to buy cheap beer.
          German stay at home and get drunk -- cheaply

          Sounds like a blast.
          =-= The CyberPoet
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            Have a safe trip.
            Bike is sold


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              Tnx guys, we're packing this afternoon and leave tomorrow afternoon. Cya


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                Have a great trip!!

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                  We're back. Norway was great. Only 4 or 5 rain-days. Bike's and gear did great.
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                    Originally posted by The CyberPoet
                    People from Norway go to Denmark to buy cheap beer.
                    People from Denmark go to Germany (Flennsburg) to buy cheap beer.
                    German stay at home and get drunk -- cheaply
                    Now aint that the truth

                    BTW: Looks like you had a great trip too
                    -= Har du styr på lortet, eller lort på styret? =-


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                      Wow, that looks amazing! That must have been a lot of fun.
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                        Looks great!
                        Katana 750 2002


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                          Awsome pictures, thanks for sharing and glad your trip went so well!
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                   time take me with you.....

                            I have my own tent.... heeheeheee :smt015

                            it's my opinion......that's what makes it mine..

                            Toronto Canada that is


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                              I am totally envious. Looks like some sweet riding!!!