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Bar snake thingy (to reduce vibration)

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  • Bar snake thingy (to reduce vibration)

    I have a long trip coming in next week!

    I've been thinking of things I could use to ease the pain...I already have a touring shield and corbin...gave my throttle rocker away but may borrow it for the trip.....but I just remembered something - reducing vibration with that bar snake thingy..

    Can someone provide the linky so i can try to get it before next Wednesday.....also if anyone has any experience with it..installation tips, easy, hard?...or other recommendations.... may laugh at me but I am wondering if I could transport lobsters back from the east coast on this trip...say, mount a small plastic tote to a rear rack (if i can get one quick)...keep it filled with ice at each stop!! Friends are asking for lobsters!!!!

    did i mention i'm on a budget and don't have money or time to get real hard luggage (i have saddle bags for my clothes already...)

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    You can fill your bars with bb's or buckshot for the same effect . And I got a rack from for about $100 , and I like it . I'm told racks can be had for even cheaper , though ....
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      I'm using bar snake in my woodcraft clip-ons. Works great. I bought from a member of a different forum so I don't have a link for you. I would just have the losters shipped next day. Several companies will ship live lobsters. Legal Seafoods or Browne trading in Maine or Pierless seafood in NYC. Might be cheaper to ship lobsters then buying a rack. Also don't ice live lobsters, it will kill them. Cooking a lobster that in DOA is begging for food poisoning.
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        get some gel grips or similar style aftermarket grips too.. way better than the stock, IMO.