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Sweet spot in bike ownership. I'll explain.....

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  • Sweet spot in bike ownership. I'll explain.....

    I beleive I am getting toward a great point in bike ownership. My bike
    is a 2000 Kat 750 with 11,000 miles. I bought it with less than 3000 miles, so I know its history (pampered). It is now about 5 years old, not big on the list of stolen bikes, and would not generate much in the way of re-sale. I will make this the last year of maintaining theft insurance so owning it is cheaper. I like this bike enough to keep it, but am not as paranoid about things like a scratch, tipover, or theft as much if it was say a brand new R-1, or GSXR 1000. Anyone agree or disagree?

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    I also have a 2000 kat 750, w/ nearly the same the miles on it.. bought in show room condition.. I wouldnt say Im to the point of not being paranoid of scratches or drops, as I wash it every week, keep it waxed and cleaned, etc.. and still get nervous when its sitting in the parking lot and somebody parks next to it, or people stop and stare for a minute.

    Remember this, it doesnt always to be a gixxer or ninja for a thief to consider it...granted its not high on the bike theft list when you compare it to other rides, but an easy target is an easy target. Especially if it's well maintained and looks good.

    Granted it is alittle on the expensive side, however consider what you'd do if it was stolen.. the insurance would be there to replace your ride.. as opposed to if u dont have it... you're bikeless, pi$$ed off, frustrated, and have nothing to show for it.


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      Re: Sweet spot in bike ownership. I'll explain.....

      [quote="mx916"] and would not generate much in the way of re-sale.quote]

      Depends on your definition of "much". I've seen standard, stock, average mileage 1st generation 600's go for upwards of $3000 around here. When it gets warm here, AGH! It's a mad rush to grab up any bike for sale.
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        As far as theft I've learned that it all depends on what the thief needs. You could have a crap pinto but if his crap pinto needs a door guess where he is going to get it from. They don't always steal for profit.
        92 Katana 600 Project bike
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          I can still remember back in the day, after prom, i had a beat up old amc eagle.. got broken into.. too the freekin gear shift knob!!!! nothing else but that!! just goes to show, if they want it, they'll find a way to get it.