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  • American Motorcycle Tire

    Has anyone ever ordered from them? I'm looking to buy a new rear tire. If this one is no good, what about another? is out of the particular one I want...

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    I ordered from them in March, saw them recommended in a thread somewhere.

    Very good price, good service, delivered quick as promised, right to my door.
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      Yup , most people have nothing but good to say about them , it seems . Myself included . I'll be oredering from them again next time .
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        I just did a price comparison of several sites...they seem to have the best prices and carry a larger selection. My next tire is coming from them.
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          Thanks for the info. As soon as I can line up enough cash I'll be buying from them, too.
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            I had no serious issues with ordering from them -- FedEx misrouted a package (to a fedex warehouse in Ohio), but that was FedEx's fault and not AmericanTire's. One of our members did say that they received totally the wrong thing, but AmericanTire has taken care of it for them without great hassles.

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              i ordered my tires 2 weeks ago. They shipped out fairly quick only to find out they sent me completely brand and sizes, but they did contact me very quicly after i informed them, they sent the correct order out and with it a tag to pick up the other set. ALl at their expense, of course. They will be here tomorrow. Other than that minor error, which i know can happen so its cool, i'm happy with their prices and customer service
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                Anything you can do to be the dealer prices is worth it. Ive been checking out their site too..and word of mouth advertising is the best!