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  • msf course requirements

    I can't remember what post it was where i was telling what the msf course was here, but I misquoted what it is like now. A friend of mine just sent me an email all excited cuz she signed up for her course. This is what she has to do. This is why it cost over $500

    Originally posted by she wrote
    My moto course is a go (I'm really going to try this!) I have 3 days of theory starting the 27th ....
    then 22 driving courses that last 55 minutes each.
    21 hours is quite a bit, isn't it? I never went that long. Anyone else have to do that long?
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    I wonder if she got it mixed up. Mine at Niagara college was friday night 3 or 4 hours, Sat 8hrs,Sun8hrs for a course total of 20 hours or so. Oh and it was just under $400


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      mine was 14.5 hours and $125 but thats US money. i think it may be so cheap in MN becuase they have alot of sponsers like local bike shops that do all the work on the bikes etc. also some bikes when i took mine where donated by a riders club. any one else know if the same goes for around them?


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        our MSF is state funded because its mandatory for getting your motorcycle license.

        I think its 50$ and it consists of 4, 4hour classes. 2 are riding 2 are classroom
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          The one I went to was also state funded and required to get my license. It was 8 hours classroom and 8 hours on the course.
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            This info is from last year...don't know if things changed but in Cali its $197.00...5hrs text book...2 5hr sessions on the weekend....bring your own helmet, boots, the one I went to they had extra helmets and a few pairs of gloves...not required yet in Ca but I hope one day it becomes manditory...
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              Mine was 5 days of instruction, 4.5 hours a night. Some text book & video time, and of course written quizzes and a test. But as I remember, we spent atleast 2-3 hours each class on the bikes.

              And it was free


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                If I remember right (last November) it was 3hrs Friday night (class room). Saturday was 4hrs classroom and 4 hrs on bike and Sunday was about 5hrs bike and 3hrs classroom. All you needed was a pair of gloves and over the ankle shoes.

                Oh yea, it was like $90 US.


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                  Originally posted by woobie
                  I wonder if she got it mixed up. Mine at Niagara college was friday night 3 or 4 hours, Sat 8hrs,Sun8hrs for a course total of 20 hours or so. Oh and it was just under $400
                  Similar for me, I think it was about $350, a Thurs eve. class and then Sat and Sun paractical and test on Sun afternoon.
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                    the msf on the quebec side is very different than on the ontario side.

                    example: if I'm not mistaken, in PQ if you only have your learner's permit you have to be accompanied by another rider who stays within a certain distance behind you.

                    you also have different classes of licence which permits for different sized bikes (125cc and under, 400cc and under, and any bike).

                    I also believe that in PQ the msf is required to get your licence.
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                      The MSF course in PA is completely free. You get your license at the end as well. Mine was 5 days (Monday-Friday) for roughly 3 hours each day. Two days in the class, 3 on the range. It seems that the majority of the classes here last for 2 weeks, 3 days a week. But for mine, it seemed to be about 16 hours between class time and riding.


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                        I think they did away with the 125cc,500cc & under and the 500cc & over classes in Quebec. My friend got his license this spring and he's riding a ZRX1200. You are right about a licensed driver having to be within a certain distance of the person learning, wich never made sense to me, what are you supposed to do! I guess you are there to pick him up if he falls or call an ambulance if he crashes??? I dunno....
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                          I start my MSF course on Monday June 20th. And I've got to go Mon-Fri...for 3 and half hours eah day.

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