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wher do you get your huggers?

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  • wher do you get your huggers?

    where do you guys get your rear hugger, for those of you that have them? I think spedee has a CF one, doesn't he? Can you get just plain black ones? Anyone have a link to a site with some good pics?
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    Heres a few links Mojoe

    FYI! you can use a hugger for an SV650 with a little modification. PM me if you got ???

    heres what i got ('99 sv650)

    i'll take a better closer picture and post it later!
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      if you look at spedee's page, it has all the mods he's done too

      I love the CF hugger look, definately cool.


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        Yes mine is Carbon Fiber. A very rigid and strong hugger. It doesn't move one bit back there.
        Now I've had the Metisse hugger years back and it was so sloppy it broke one of the mounts. It could have been a very serious acccident if it had gotten any closer to my chain. I complained to the seller and they have said that it's been modified now. But I have seen one since and it's still floppy. My advice is to try a flat washer with each bolt to tighten more material and maybe lock-tight if you have this type or are planning to buy one. They do look nice and are very functional at keeping dirt and crud from underneath the bike.

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          thanks for the links, guys. they don't make them for the 1100, so I am going to have to make one fit. I will go with a cheap one first to see if it can be done, then maybe go carbon fiber if it is successful.
          I don't have a short temper. I just have a quick reaction to bullshit.


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            How hard was it to modify that rear hugger to fit? I LOVE the way it looks, and where did you get your rear seat cowl? Also what rear wheel/rim are you running?
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