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Read what I write and not whats on my mind

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  • Read what I write and not whats on my mind

    first things first, im not out to piss off anyone or get in an arguement with anybody. i just feel that i had to defend my self a bit. with that said, in reference to the June KOTM Results:

    1. Congratulations to Tokalosh for winning!
    2. No, i'm not bitter about not winning! Its a contest for Petes sake.........some win, some looses, Plain and Simple.
    3. just to be nominated for the contest is an honor. and to be nominated by the ONLY MAN i know whos seen and worked on more kats than anybody or all of us combined is trully something to be proud of. Thanks a Bunch Keith ($pecialK) for the nomination (you have no idea what that means to me.......LOL ) and Matt and Black Peter for the second and third.

    Lastly, on a reply from Jim to a post from Duffy, he mentioned

    You didn't even have an entry this month so quit being a sore loser. If you don't like the rules of the contest or the way it is run then do us all a favor and DON'T PARTICIPATE!!!!! You whine about Seqx34 not winning and this is nothing personal toward him but I'll tell you straight out the reason he didn't get my vote is because his profile says he is looking for another bike. Any day of the week I'd rather see someone win who has done what they can, loves their Kat and is continuing to do more than the guy that is likely to trade in or abandon the Kat as soon as the right deal comes along.
    i just like to say something about the highlighted part, Jim nothing personal just like you said. i would just like to know where in my profile did i mention getting rid of my kat as soon as the right deal comes along? all it said was
    Undertail & MAYBE....even a New Bike.
    that was the first thing that poped in my head when i was writing that down. i was not thinking what kind/brand/make/model bike in specific, just a new bike. who would pass on a bike when a right deal comes along? i wont and i am sure you or anybody else wont either. "A New Bike" (Brand New/New to me doesnt matter) just another bike to ad to my "stable" just like the majority of our members, i too have dream about having more Toys. I never said anything or have i thought about getting rid of my Kat. Thank you to Jim,Keith and Z for keeping this site running.
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    Just as a reference, I voted for you. Far as I am aware, the contest is for the bike, not the owner's intentions.

    If he wants another bike, who cares? Not like I have just one myself................

    What was the original post about again???????
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      You can blame all this on duffy.. he started this controversy

      You've got a sweet pre98 bro, no doubt about it!


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        My apologies to you Paul. The KOTM thread was the first thing I saw this morning and it struck me wrong for good reason I feel. I put words in your mouth by saying that your profile said you were looking for another bike. That is not what your profile said but rather the way it stuck in my mind when I read it.
        I don't know if anyone else actually takes the time to look at the profiles before they vote but this month was a pretty tough choice for me personally and profiles made the difference. You've done really amazing things to your Kat and honestly did have my vote right up until I saw the "Maybe even...a new bike". For me the "a new bike" is all that stuck in my mind and intended or not to me translated to "I've taken this bike as far as I am gonna take it and now I'm looking to move on". It's obvious now that isn't what you mean, but at the time I sat down to cast my vote as well as in the heat of the moment this morning it's the way it stuck to me.
        I am sorry for misquoting you and your intentions and I will edit the thread to more correctly reflect that.
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          I voted 4 you Paul cause I want mine to look like that


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            I voted for Ventura. He made a great Governer.
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              My apologies to you Paul
              No problem Jim It caught me off guard when i read it and felt that i had to atleast say something. now that thats out of the way...its all in the past after all "We Are FAMILY" (feel like singing?

              I voted for Ventura. He made a great Governer.
              OOOOOOOHHHHHHH YYYYYYEEEAAAAAHHHHHH (is Macho Man Still alive?)
              93 GSXF6 PIX.

              "Opinions are like A$$holes, Everybody has one"