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  • Securing Bike - Locks

    I am thinking about a disc lock or u-lock for temporary additional security while on the road. I can't get to the bike to measure anything right now, so I am hoping someone here already has something in use and can point me to the proper equipment.

    Regarding disc locks, what is the proper pin size for the bike rotors? Usually they are sold in either 10mm or 5.5mm pin sizes.

    Regarding U-locks same question, what bar diameter will fit? Are these mounted normally in the rotor, like a disc lock?

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    What ever you do avoid the locks with barrel keys. There was a thread a while ago that showed people opening them with a bic pen. I have a Kryptonite on mine, I'll check to see which one tonight. Also get the lock reminder it's just a coiled wire that goes from the lock to the handle bar. Being that you never used one it will help avoid an embarrasing start.
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      Oh yeah, BTW if it makes a difference, I have a 2002 Kat.


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        I think all disc locks are universal.
        Buy the small "u" lock and you can lock the disc and add a cable or chain.

        Kryptonite has fixed their locks to address the Bic pen trick. Personally I opted for the theft insurance. Cheaper for my Kat then a lock.
        At home I sunk some tubing into 2 cubic feet of concrete rebared into my carport. I just feed my Kryptonite cable through the tube. nice anchor and invisible when not in use.

        I think the best "portable" deal is the NYC or Fuggetaboutit set from Kryptonite. You can find them on e-bay. Pricey retailing at 120 or so, but that chain is impressive, the set comes with the small disc u lock,
        Kryptonite also offers "insurance". Here is the NYC

        A link to the Bic pen issue from the NY times:

        Kryponite's reponse:


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          I have a Master disc lock 10mm fits right on the front rotor no problem.
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            You were referring to one of the krypo locks in that vid gear dog, which is pretty famous on the net even still .. if anyone does have that style, remember they will send you a free replacement.


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              I tie Corey to the handle bars.

              I have been thinking of getting a Scorpio alarm though.
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                i have a bully lock, its a 10mm caliper lock doesnt fit on my front rotor so i put it on the back and its pretty hefty too, 2 sets of keys so i can have one with the truck keys and one with the bike keys


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                  I have a Kryptonite EVL Disc Lock. I put mine around the brake disc and not through it.


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                    Yeah I saw the video and tried it out. I had a friend that had one on his fence from the previous owner. after about 5 minutes we got it off.
                    92 Katana 600 Project bike
                    Some assembly required is my middle name!!!


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                      Aaaagh! I didn't know about the lock thing. I have a cable lock made by "the Club" that is like that. I wonder if they'll do any kind of exchange? Luckily I'm not real worried about my bike being stolen seing how there is not a huge demand for stolen 92 Katanas But Still....D'oh!
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