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US Midwest/Northcentral shops that stock Throttlemeister?

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  • US Midwest/Northcentral shops that stock Throttlemeister?

    I'm going to be riding through the US this weekend through Michigan, Indiana, Illinois, Wisconsin, Minnesota and a hint of North Dakota, mostly along the big highways like i94, i90, i39, i29, etc. Anyone know of any shops that would stock the Throttlemeister for a '92 Katana that I should stop at?

    Looking for the FT model of meister plus the AZ2 module that adapts it to the Kat.
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    Not sure where to get a throttle meister from, but if you are gona be near Minneapolis MN, let me and Corey know, maybe we can meet up with ya and ride a bit!
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      Don't know where to get the throttlemeister, but good luck with that long ride!


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        I think that you might have to buy it direct, at least that is what I did. I really like it to. TRH


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          you might check out our vendor here, speedwerks, who may be able to hook u up. Ive been using a throttle ROCKER on longer rides, and it works out very well for me, quite handy too. Have not used the 'meister myself.